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Yani's wife
Aliases Liebchen
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Housewife
First Appearance Trapped with a Vengeance
Voiced By Kath Soucie

Yani's wife is a minor character in Dexter's Laboratory. She only appeared in the episode "Trapped with a Vengeance".

Appearance and Personality[]

Yani's wife is overweight. In Yani's photo, she has auburn hair and wears a teal dress and pink lipstick. However, when she came to get Yani, she had her hair in pink curls and wore a pink nightgown with a midnight blue robe.

Yani's wife is also shown to be easily aggravated and temperamental. She also speaks with a thick German accent.


In her only appearance, Yani's wife is shown to care deeply about her husband and would wait for him to come home every night. However, she goes to Huber Elementary to find her husband and Dexter in the middle of a fight, to which she thinks he's "goofing off". Enraged, Yani's wife orders him to go home with her, making Yani leave the school cafeteria with his head hanging and his angry wife behind him.


  • Yani's nickname for his wife, "Liebchen", is German for "dear" and "beloved".


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