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"World's Greatest Mom"
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"World's Greatest Mom"
"Ultrajerk 2000" Ultrajerk 2000
World's Greatest Mom
Season 2, Episode 15b
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Air date October 22, 1997
Production number 214b
Directed by Rob Renzetti

World's Greatest Mom is the second segment of the fifteenth episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on October 22, 1997.

In this episode, Dexter is testing a green energy beam on an apple. Unaware of its effects, Dee Dee causes him to misfire the beam to into space, which eventually zaps Mom. Suddenly, she gains superpowers and does her everyday chores at high speeds.


In Dexter's laboratory, he is testing a green energy beam on an apple. Dee Dee appears in front of him reminding that the school bus is almost there to pick them up and Dexter is about to run late. She and Dexter both race for the front door, with Dad telling his wife that he's heading off to work, but not before they kiss each other.

As Mom puts away the dishes, the green energy beam from Dexter's laboratory zaps her. She does the dishes at a rapid pace then notices Dexter and Dee Dee's lunchboxes on the counter, to which Mom gets them and races out of the house. Mom eventually catches up to the school bus her children are riding and gives them the lunchboxes.

Back at home, Mom catches the family dog eating her grocery list and makes it hand it over using her eye lasers. With the list, Mom goes to use the family car, but due to her super strength, she breaks it in the process, prompting her to fly to Hank's Market. There, Mom pulls a grocery cart towards her and she speeds through the supermarket getting groceries.

At the checkout line, Mom sees a long line of customers growing impatient with the cashier dealing with a broken scanner. Mom then takes it upon herself to scan the customers' groceries, with them paying her in the process. She then scans her own groceries, pays, and leaves the supermarket.

At the bank, while Mom is waiting in line, a robber jumps in from the ceiling. Mom throws the robber aside, making him angry. As he gets ready to attack her, Mom retaliates by grabbing the robber's ear and forcing him to sit down in a chair. Mom then uses her hearing ability and notices Dad coming home from work, prompting her to race back home.

In the kitchen, Mom sees the clock and immediately gets down to preparing dinner. At 6:00, Dad walks into the kitchen and takes a seat at the dinner table. He asks Mom how her day was, to which she replies; "It was super!", following with a wink as the iris closes in on her.




  • The school bus license plate reads "BUSTED", which may be a possible reference to the episode "The Bus Boy", which was alternatively named "Busted" on some cable providers.

Cultural references[]

  • The "M" that appears during the transitions is a parody of the "S" seen on Superman's chest.
  • At Hank's Market, one of the customers in the checkout line has a loaf of bread with red, blue, and yellow circles on the packaging, referencing the brand Wonder Bread.


  • When Mom is at Hank's grocery store, she refers to it as Henry's. "Hank" is a nickname for Henry.
  • As Dexter and Dee Dee thank Mom for bringing their lunchboxes, Dexter's mouth doesn't move at all.

Production notes[]

"Hmm, something's still wrong, but what?!"

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