Aliases Bear
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Oceanbird (wife)
Mandark (son)
Lalavava (daughter)
Occupation Hippie, Father
Interests Wilderness Retreats
First Appearance A Boy Named Sue
Voiced By Jeff Bennett

Windbear Astronomonov is the hippie father of Mandark and Lalavava who does not understand Mandark's love for evil nor his love for Dee-Dee. He is always making him do peaceful hippie rituals with them even though he would rather not and always addresses Mandark by his real name, Susan. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Windbear has black hair and a beard. He wears a white long shirt with a green rim around the collar, sleeves, and trim. He also has a necklace on him with an all seeing eye on it. Windbear wears no shoes and goes around barefoot. He also has blue jeans that are torn at the bottom.


Windbear is a nice and peaceful hippie who is all about being calm and relaxed all the time. Although he intends to always be nice all the time, he sometimes snaps and results to fighting and war which he is morally against.


Mandark - Mandark is the son of Windbear who he wants to be nice and peaceful. Mandark on the other hand wants to resort to violence and war.

Oceanbird - Oceanbird is Windbear's wife. The two of them gave birth to Mandark and Lalavava and the two of them understand each others beliefs.

Dad - Windbear and Dad have engaged in a rivalry with each other for having different beliefs and thinking very bad thoughts about the other's beliefs.

Lalavava - Lalavava is Windbear's daughter. She has never been seen with him in the series but it is likely that Windbear doesn't understand her love for evil and calls her by her real name "Olga."

Episode Appearances


  • Windbear does not like to be called "Dad."
  • Although Lalavava is his daughter, Windbear has never been seen with her throughout the entire series.
  • He has the same hairstyle as his son and daughter which means that it is a heterogeneous trait.
  • He is voiced by the same person who voices Dexter's Dad.
  • He is one of the very few adults in the series to be given a first name.
  • Windbear and Oceanbird were absent during their daughter's performance in the episode Dee Dee's Rival.
  • His appearance and peacefulness could've probably been inspired by musician John Lennon.