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Wet Willie
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliations Cap'n Ahab
Occupation Sailor
First Appearance Ocean Commotion

Wet Willie is one of Cap'n Ahab's loony crew members who appears to have a strong love for water and spends all his time inside of a water barrel and making cartoonish noises. Because of this, he appears to be made up of more water than flesh. When he tried to attack Dexter, Dee Dee summoned some sea sponges which quickly sucked away all the water out of Wet Willie, leaving behind only his very confused dusty remains.


  • When Willie was first introduced by Cap'n Ahab, Ahab stated "I'll give you a taste of me Wet Willie!". The camera then zoomed in between Ahab's legs but quickly skipped to the water barrel in the background. Possibly intended as a mature joke.
  • A Wet Willy is also a term used for a childish prank that involves sticking one's drool covered finger in someone's ear.