• Dexter: Why did you do this?! You're so stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Oh. And let's not forget. (pokes Dee Dee's eye) You're so stupid!
  • Dee Dee: (Yells Oww and rubs her eye with a red and white star coming out of it) Oh, yeah? Well, just because I know how to have fun doesn't mean I'm stupid! I know how to climb a tree, I know how to pet a kitty just right, I also how to tie my shoe, Mr. Zipper Boot. You're nothing but a pickle.
  • Dexter: (runs out of his lab and to Dee Dee) Dee Dee! Everything you said was true. I don't want to be a pickle. But I need your help. Show me the way to be free. Show me the way of the Dee Dee.
  • Dee Dee: Alright, Meet me at
  • Dee Dee: Are you sure you're ready, Dexter? This is the final most exercise of all.
  • Dexter: Yeah? I'm a tricreatops balanced on a buttercup with spinning wheels, baby. Let's do this.
  • Dee Dee: OK. This is all about self-expression. Let it flow through your mind and body. Just let it loose. Breakout.
  • Dexter: Yeah, yeah, I've seen you do it a million times. Just hit the music.
  • Dee Dee: Expressive. Reckless. Scary. Dexter, stop. (hits Dexter) STOP IT, DEXTER! LOOK AT YOURSELF! YOU'RE A MONSTER! NO LONGER THE QUIET CREATOR BUT A MAD DESTROYER!
"Hmm, something's still wrong, but what?!"

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