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Way of the Dee Dee
Season 1, Episode 10a
Air date December 11, 1996
Production number 109a
Directed by Paul Rudish
Genndy Tartakovsky

Way of the Dee Dee is the first part of the tenth episode of season one of Dexter's Laboratory, which aired on December 11, 1996. In this episode, Dee Dee tries to help Dexter find his inner peace.


Dexter becomes fed up with Dee Dee constantly destroying his lab, but Dee Dee tries to convince him that she is only expressing herself and she tries to teach Dexter how to find his inner peace and go beyond his secluded and lonely lifestyle. But Dexter gets carried away with this new way of life and Dee Dee gets worried when Dexter starts destroying his own lab and blames herself, then runs away weeping: "Oh, what have I done?". After Dee Dee leaves, a seemingly unaffected Dexter once again starts working on restoring his lab that he had destroyed, while once again devoid of the joy and enthusiasm he had briefly come to know.




  • This episode has one of the saddest endings in the series.


  • This episode is the first one to end with the sad reprise of the ending credits. The second and third episodes to do so would be the Season 2 episodes Germ Warfare and Dexter Detention respectively.

Cultural References

  • In this episode, there is a scene that directly parodies a scene from the 1980 film, The Empire Strikes Back, in which Luke Skywalker is trained by Yoda.
  • Dee Dee's design on the title card is a religious reference to the Hindu god Vishnu, having similar clothing and four arms like Vishnu.
  • In this episode, Dee Dee sings, "Can you sing with all the colors of the rain," spoofing the song, "Colors of the Wind," from the 1995 Disney movie, Pocahontas.
  • When Dexter says: "Heck yeah! I'm a triceratops balanced on a buttercup with spinnin' wheels,baby...let's do this!" (the cheesy quote is to imply that Dexter is hip to the challenge, and the spinning wheels references that in the 90's Spinner Rims were very popular and sought after around that time.)

Production Notes