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Von Hellen
Death-Metal guy
Gender Male
Affiliations Comrade Red, She-Thing
Occupation Injustice Fiend
Interests Death metal?

Von Hellen is the evil arch-nemesis of Valhallen and a being that embodies the evil music genre of Death Metal. Von Hellen forms a coalition with Comrade Red and She-Thing as part of the Injustice Fiends.


Von Hellen wears a demonic death metal attire, and a purple cape with black mask over his face with horns


He is never seen speaking or doing anything for that matter, so his personality is mostly unknown other than the fact that he is evil and likes evil metal music.


Being an Injustice Fiend and the mighty Valhallen's arch-enemy, he is likely a very powerful foe with supernatural abilities. However he is never seen fighting so his abilities are unknown.


  • His actual name is never revealed in the show or in the credits as he does not speak. Von Hellen is merely his commonly used fanname and until an actual name is found the article will refer to him as such for the sake of convenience.
  • His name "Hellen" is a parody of Van Halen, the famous rock group, and the word Hell, which is a place where demons and evil creatures live and rule over.
  • He is a parody of Loki from Marvel Comics.