Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Student
Interests Spiders
First Appearance The Bus Boy
Voiced By Kath Soucie

Vicky is a minor character in Dexter's Laboratory. She only appeared in the episode "The Bus Boy".

Appearance and personality[]

Vicky is a short girl with black hair in a big ponytail. She wears a black dress with a picture of two blood-red triangles in the shape of an hourglass, resembling that of a black widow's iconic back symbol. She also wears bone shaped earrings.

Vicky is a goth girl who's obsessed with dark and scary things, mainly spiders, which she finds cute.


In her only appearance, Vicky spun her own take on the legend of Billy Bloomberg, a boy who was sent to the back of the bus and never returned. In her story, after Billy punched a girl in her arm, he saw a spider crawling on the school bus window and used his thumb to squish it. The spider, now covered in a puddle of blood, calls for help, and several other spiders came to wrap Billy in a web and drag him to the back of the bus, where he becomes the spider queen's meal.