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Valhallen's Room

Valhallen's rockin' room

Valhallen's Room is Valhallen's bedroom in the Muscular Arms apartment building. The room itself appears to exist in its own separate dimension (possibly in a part of Asgard), making it appear larger than the building it's in, and according to Major Glory, Val has to pay extra because of it.


Tomb of Funky Laundry

The Tomb of Funky Laundry.

The room mostly consists of a large marble platform rising from a blazing pit of fire. On the platform are four large amps which hold up a bed made of solid marble that has four snake statues with chains in their mouths as bed posts. Around the bed are six marble statues depicting vikings of rock.


Valhallen's trophy room.

Aside from the bed area, the room also has a Tomb of Funky Laundry where Val keeps all of his unwashed clothes. The clothes are so fowl, disorganized and filthy, that they have gained an evil life of their own and will try to posses anyone unfortunate enough to come near them, slowly controlling the victim while making him look terrible (fashion-wise).

There is also another separate room area or corner made of solid gold where Val keeps golden busts of the greatest rock and roll musicians in history along with numerous Gold Records and music trophies, presumably his own.