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Gender Male
Species God
Abilities Superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, & longevity (via the golden apples of Idunn).
Occupation Superhero, Ragnarocker, God of Rock
Interests Rock and Roll, Girls, fighting crime, golden apples of Idunn
First Appearance Dial M for Monkey: Rasslor
Voiced By Tom Kenny

“Beware the Viking God of Rock! For with the power of my Mighty Axe... I RULE!”

Valhallen is the self-described "Viking God of Rock" and a member of the superhero team The Justice Friends.


Valhallen is a svelte Norse god with long blonde hair that obscures his eyes and a gray sweat band around his head with wings that mimic the helmet of Thor. He wears a black, ripped, sleeveless shirt and black tights which are held up by a black belt with metal spikes. He also has knee-high golden boots. He carries around a pink, Flying V electric guitar, affectionately referred to as his "Mighty Axe", that is the source of his superpowers.


Despite being a literal Viking God, Valhallen is a mellow and calm being with a stereotypical Southern Californian accent who rarely, if ever, actually gets mad. The accent he uses clashes, however, with the bits of Shakespearean English in his speech. He loves music and well known singers, of whom he keeps small golden statues in his room. While his usually laid back demeanor makes him seem airheaded and unintelligent, he in fact has the wisdom befitting a divine and tends to be the most level headed of the team when Major Glory and Krunk overreact to things. He lives with Major Glory and The Infraggable Krunk in the top floor of the Muscular Arms apartment building and despite their differences and quarrels, they are in fact good friends.


Being the Viking God of Rock n' Roll, Valhallen is a powerful being due to his immortal Asgardian nature which aids him in his battle against evil and he might be one of the strongest heroes in the series alongside Monkey, Major Glory and Krunk, and he was one of the few heroes capable of actually harming Badaxtra, which serves as a testament of his great powers. His powers in truth though are apparently not inborn, as both his powers and his Asgardian status stem from his "Mighty Axe" and without it he is reduced to nothing more than a mere nerdy-looking mortal, implying that he may in fact be just a mortal who was chosen by the Asgardians to be the Viking God of Rock. However, while he does need to have his axe in order to remain an Asgardian, it is only after a prolonged period of time without it that he starts reverting back into a mortal. As an Asgardian empowered by the axe, Valhallen possesses a number of magical and supernatural powers that allow him to harness the power of music and of nature. The fact that he was one of the few heroes summoned by Rasslor to represent his planet further proves that he is one of the most powerful heroes on Earth.


  • Immortality: As long as he possesses his Mighty Axe, Valhallen is the Viking God of Rock, and with this divine status, Valhallen is technically immortal. This can work against Valhallen however, as if he is ever separated from his guitar he will slowly lose his divinity, leaving him as a weak and feeble mortal.
  • Guitar Playing: Beyond being a literal-godly guitar player, Valhallen is able to manifest supernatural abilities through his rock and roll. He is able to utilize the soundwaves generated by his chords as offensive attacks, as well as overwhelm those around him with his intense volume. His righteous music also has the power to woo all young women around him who then instantly become infatuated with him. Befitting of its name, he can also use his Mighty Axe as a melee weapon.
  • Flight: Valhallen is capable of using his Mighty Axe like an aerial surfboard to fly in almost any environment, including space, at great speeds.
  • Super Speed: While his running speed is unknown, Valhallen has shown to be incredibly fast while in flight, able to keep up with the likes of Major Glory, Living Bullet and the other heroes while in space.
  • Lightning: Valhallen can summon lightning through his Mighty Axe.
  • Justice Frenzy: A powerful technique in which Valhallen joins up with Krunk and Major Glory to create a powerful super tornado that can take out any foe in their way, except bees.


Pain in the Mouth[]

After Krunk started suffering from a severe toothache, Valhallen tried telling him to go see a dentist, but was stopped by a paranoid Major Glory who was fearful of the dentist, which lead to a fight between him and Major Glory. Major Glory wanted use both the superheroes and villains to get it loose. However, Valhallen disagreed and insisted in going to the dentist to get it removed properly. He tells Major Glory that dentists have the knowledge and tools to remove the problem. He still rebuffed Valhallen's claims until Krunk decides to make a quick trip to the dentist which proved Valhallen right. Valhallen and Krunk's dentist then gave an important moral on the value of good dental hygiene (as well as teaching a certain patriotic superhero a lesson about trying to do other people's jobs for them).

Episode Appearances[]

Dexter's Laboratory[]

Dial M For Monkey[]

Comic Appearances[]

Powerpuff Girls[]

Valhallen along with a few of the Justice Friends made an appearance in the Powerpuff Girls episode "Members Only" which takes place exclusively in the universe of the Powerpuff Girls. Unlike in Dexter's Laboratory, Valhallen dislikes girls in his presence like most of the A.W.S.M. members and does not display the suave chick magnet persona he has in Dexter's Lab.

PPG: Members Only[]

Valhallen Members Only

Valhallen in Members Only.

In the Powerpuff Girls universe, Valhallen is shown to be a member of the "Association of World Super Men," or A.W.S.M. (awesome) for short. He and the other A.W.S.M. refused to let the girls join in A.W.S.M for the simple fact that they're females and it's an all male club. Their attitudes would eventually be their downfall when an alien supervillain arrived and overwhelmed the mighty heroes. At first, the Powerpuff Girls refused to help A.W.S.M. out because of how they treated them before but were eventually convinced to help out by Professor Utonium and Ms. Keane. After defeating the supervillain whom was eventually revealed to be a spoiled momma's boy, Major Glory and the members of A.W.S.M. meekly asked the girls if they could join the Powerpuffs. The girls were at first reluctant but decided to make A.W.S.M. the new "Society of Associated Puffcateers" or "S.O.A.P.".


  • His name is a portmanteau word of the famous hard rock band Van Halen and the Nordic Heaven, Valhalla.
  • Valhallen's room at the Muscular Arms apartment is considerably larger than that of Major Glory's or Krunk's, appearing more as an entryway to another dimension. According to Major Glory, "That's why he pays extra."
  • Valhallen is a parody of the Marvel Comics' version of Norse god Thor but with several traits referencing those of He-Man from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.
  • Valhallen's mighty axe gives him all of his powers. This is a reference to the way Thor gets all of his powers from his mighty hammer Mjölnir.
  • Valhallen is described as weighing "400 golden apples".
  • When deprived of his Mighty Axe and reduced to mortal form, Valhallen requires glasses to see.
  • Valhallen was absent for Monkey's birthday party in the episode "Barbequor".
  • In Punch Time Explosion XL, he synergizes with both Samurai Jack and Aku.


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