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Billy Unger as Dexter.png

Yo. MGX reporting from Fantendo. I'm here to tell you peeps that the above image was uploaded for a reason: because I intended to use it in this blog post, which for some reason never got on the runway.

Anyway, I kind of Billy Unger's character in the Disney CD show Lab Rats (Chase) to be somewhat like a teenage Dexter. Trust me, Chase and Dexter have some similarities.

If I was in charge of another Dexter's Lab film set for theatrical release, I would choose Billy to voice Dexter. No offense to whoever you guys would select. But seriously. Teenage Dexter didn't have a Russian accent in Ego Trip, and Mr. Unger doesn't have one either, so why can't he voice an older Dexter in a new film?

If this ends up being controversial, I'm sorry. I'm just stating my opinion, and you're welcome to discuss a new Teenage Dexter voice.