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Uncle Sam
Gender Male
Species Patriotic Spirit
Family Major Glory (nephew)
Interests Now: Peace and tranquility
Formerly: Strictness and toughness
First Appearance Say Uncle Sam
Voiced By Maurice LaMarche

Uncle Sam is the patriotic spirit of the United States of America and Major Glory's strict no-nonsense uncle who trained him to be the mighty hero he is today. However, his uptight attitude began to take its toll on his health, so he was advised by his doctor to mellow out and he has since adopted the traits of a hippie, thus improving his health greatly.




A more serious Uncle Sam training a young Major Glory

When Major Glory was still "Minor Glory", Uncle Sam was a strict and no-nonsense man with a stern attitude similar to that of a military general. He would rigorously order the young superhero to run many laps around the world and drill him in repeating the Pledge of Allegiance over and over.

Say Uncle Sam[]


Uncle Sam turns out to be more mellow than expected.

Major Glory, upon learning that his uncle was to visit, became desperate to convert his shabby unkept apartment into a suitable living arrangement, and pass off his two uncivilized roommates as normal well-mannered citizens, to please his uptight uncle. Eventually Valhallen and Krunk became fed up with his gung-ho demands and turned on him, leaving the apartment a wreck. A moment later, Uncle Sam arrived. Major Glory, too afraid to face his uncle with the apartment in it's state, asked Val to answer the door.

To everyone's surprise, Uncle Sam was now a smooth peace-loving hippie. Apparently it was the doctor's orders for Uncle Sam to mellow out from being too uptight in the past. The new Uncle Sam seemed pleased to see a 'lived-in pad' and cool roomies, although the change was too much for Major Glory, who passed out in shock from everything.


  • He is a parody of the iconic symbol of American Spirit, "Uncle Sam".
    • His appearance in Justice Friends might also suggest that he is a reference to the DC Comics version of Uncle Sam.