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Ultrabot 2000
Aliases Omnibot
Gender Male programming
Species Android
Family Dexter (creator)
Ultrabot 4000 Observation Units (creations)
Occupation Service Droid
Interests Knowledge, Perfection
First Appearance Ultrajerk 2000
Voiced By Tom Kenny

Ultrabot 2000, or Omnibot, is a super intelligent android created by Dexter to help him in his lab. He was voiced by Tom Kenny.


Ultrajerk 2000[]

After Dexter realized that he needed an assistant to help with the upkeep of the lab, he went on to create the perfect robot designed to have the same level of intelligence as himself by "copying" his own brain, and thus Ultrabot 2000 was born. Unfortunately, he was proven to be a little too super intelligent, as he was immediately set upon disintegrating everything he sees as obsolete - including Dexter, his creator, seeing his emotions and human needs as unworthy of the lab.

Every time Dexter went out to enjoy himself or relax, Ultrabot would redesign the lab to meet with his own standards and desires, and as Dexter slept, Ultrabot began redesigning the entirety of the laboratory in his own image by filling it with Ultrabot 4000 Observation Units, he then began destroying every piece of technology he deemed obsolete and used what was left to build a massive control tower that could supposedly function with 1000 times more efficiency than the previous lab, thus he made Dexter's lab his own. When Dexter awoke the next morning, he found his lab completely taken over and Ultrabot (now dubbed Omnibot) made his intentions perfectly clear, to destroy Dexter and all that he deemed obsolete. A horrified Dexter now completely surrounded could only wonder how to get out of this mess after creating such a monster. He then realized that the only one that could destroy this new lab was none other than Dee Dee and immediately called her.

Upon arriving, Dee Dee's incredible stupidity made her think that Omnibot was actually Dexter which luckily caused her and Omnibot to argue over him not being Dexter. Ever more luckily, her moronic yet confusing ramblings were enough to confuse the Observation Units which made them also believe that Omnibot was Dexter, and they proceeded to destroy Omnibot and the control tower, finally putting an end to Omnibot and his units. Dexter then approaches Omnibot's slightly active eye and kicks it, shutting Omnibot down for good. 

IDW Comic #1[]

Ultrabot 2000's remains are seen in Dexter's Broken Dreams Vault where he keeps all of his failed and destroyed inventions. It seems as though much time had passed, as Ultrabot had become orange and rusted.


  • The Ultrabot 2000 could be a parody of HAL-9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • It is also possibly a parody of Ultron from Marvel Comics.
  • Dexter at one point called the robot "O-Bot", probably short for Omnibot, despite that he had yet to call himself that at the time.

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