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Tripolar Frankensteinian Electrodes

Tripolar Frankensteinian Electrodes are special bolt-shaped conductors that when attached to an inanimate object and charged with 25,000 volts of electromagnecity, can bring said object to life. Any object brought to life by these special electrodes will obey the will of its creator, at least until it gains self awareness. Dexter and Mandark created their own Frankensteinian Electrodes in the episode "Rushmore Rumble" to bring the Mount Rushmore sculptures of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to life so they could be used in an epic battle.



Frankensteinian Electrodes bringing an object to life.

  • They are named after and are an obvious reference to the conductor bolts used on the legendary Frankenstein's monster in the famous horror novel and film Frankenstein.
  • Considering how Dexter spoke of these electrodes, it seems they are not an original creation of his. Possibly hinting at the existence of Dr. Frankenstein within the world of Dexter's Laboratory.
  • The electrodes on Washington are never seen, likely concealed by his stone collar.