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Time Expansion Helmet
Time Expansion Helmet
Created by Dexter
Used by Dexter
Function Slow down time except the wearer
Super speed
First Appearance Morning Stretch

The Time Expansion Helmet is one of Dexter's many inventions. It only appeared in the episode "Morning Stretch".


In its only appearance, when Dexter wakes up at 7:59 AM, he realizes he's going to be late to school and can't decide between doing his homework and morning chores. He quickly comes up with the idea to use the Time Expansion Helmet, a prototype invention that, when activated, slowed down time.

While the Time Expansion Helmet was beneficial for Dexter, it had its adverse effects. As such, when Dexter went to take a shower, the water out of the shower head came out slowly, prompting Dexter to grab some of the water and rub it on himself. After his shower, Dexter tried squeezing some toothpaste on his brush, but the Time Expansion Helmet's effects made him squirt the toothpaste on the ceiling, prompting him to jump up and get some on his toothbrush.

In the kitchen, Dexter took out a microwaveable breakfast box and placed it in the microwave for 3 minutes, and since he was still under the effects of the Time Expansion Helmet, the microwave went slower than usual. Dexter saw a piece of toast floating in the air, but couldn't get to it because it was out of reach. Lastly, he pours himself a bowl of cereal with milk. Both of them came out slowly, forcing Dexter to grab some cereal and eat it by hand, then splitting the milk carton in half and getting some milk as well.

Back in his room, Dexter tries to work on his homework. As he writes on the first piece of paper, it burns from too much friction. As Dexter starts writing on his second piece of paper, the Time Expansion Helmet's effects expire.