Time Expansion Helmet
Time Expansion Helmet.png
Created by Dexter
Used by Dexter
Function Accelerate time on users (super speed)
First Appearance Morning Stretch

The Time Expansion Helmet is one of Dexter's many inventions, that only appears in the episode "Morning Stretch".

In the episode, the Time Expansion Helmet was still in the prototype stage, but Dexter desperately needed its use to avoid missing the bus after oversleeping and forgetting to do his homework the other night.

Upon activation, the helmet speeds up the personal time of the user, turning seconds into minutes, making it seem as though time has slowed down around the user, when in fact the user is actually moving at super speed due to his sped up time. The only issue is that since everything has slowed down for the user, some things ironically might take longer to do, such as taking a shower, as the water drops fall at a snail's pace.


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