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Japanese Boys

The Two Boys From Japan are as the name implies, a duo of young boys who live in Japan. They made their first appearance in "Last But Not Beast." When Dexter came to Japan at the Japanese Elementary School, he saw them playing with their model robots. Dexter showed them the "Exo Jock 4000." The boys were not so impressed and they showed Dexter their robotic models (one red round vehicle on wheels with drills that can open up and the other a blue robot similar to the Exo Jock 4000 but blue and tougher.


Dexter then showed off the giant Dexo Robo. After his performance, the boys showed off their robots which were bigger, stronger and more powerful. Dexter then tried to show off his missiles, but is interrupted by the Japanese teacher (who also has a giant robot except for light purple and feminine like her). Dexter's missiles accidentally fly off and unleash Badaxtra. The boys, along with the teacher, fly off so they wouldn't get attacked by Badaxtra, leaving Dexter to deal with Badaxtra.


  • The two boys from Japan are based on anime franchises.
    • The brown-haired kid is based on both 'Super Robots' works like Mazinger and Go Lion, though his clothing is a nod to Science Team Gatchaman.
    • The teal-haired jumpsuit kid is based on both 'Real Robots' works like Macross and Gundam, which his hairstyles and jump suit resemble Hikaru Ichijyo from Super Dimension Fortress: Macross while his color scheme is based on Kamille Bidan from Mobile Suit: Zeta Gundam.