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Transcript of 2nd season of "Dexter's Laboratory" episode "The Old Switcharooms".


  • Dad: Honey, Kids, Come here! I got something to show ya!
  • Mom: (Gasps) Oh, my!
  • Dad: Honey, this trophy is the crowning achievement of my entire life. Wait til the kids see this.

  • Mom: You kids are in big trouble.

  • Dad: My hopes... My dreams! Shattered in an instant! (Cries)

  • Dad: Hold it right there. You'd like that wouldn't you? Safe in your own little rooms, playing with your little toys, Well it seems you both need a lesson respecting people's property. So this time you're not going to your own rooms? No. You're going to each other rooms instead!

  • Dad: Dexter!
  • Dexter: But, Dad! She'll mess up my room! Okay, I'm going.

  • Dad: Shoot!
  • Dexter: Dad is so busy with his trophy. He won't notice me.

  • Dad: No son of mine had better try to sneak away from his punishment. Or else that certain son might find himself in an even worse punishment.

  • Dad: Dee Dee, wake up. Have you just been sleeping this whole time?
  • Dee Dee: Uh-huh.
  • Dad: Well, I fixed my trophy. So you can come out now.
  • Dee Dee: Yeah!
  • Dad: Come on. Let's go get your brother.

  • Dee Dee: Gee, Dad. Your trophy looks great.
  • Dad: Well thanks, Dee Dee.

  • Dad: You know. I don't want the glue to melt. I'd better cool things down.

  • Dad: Argh!
  • Dee Dee: (Gasps) Dexter, you're naked!
  • Dexter: Now look what you did, Dee Dee. You clumsy fool!
  • Dad: Argh!
  • Dexter: Uh?
  • Dexter: (Sadly) Well, at least I don't have to worry about the dog destroying my lab.
"Hmm, something's still wrong, but what?!"

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