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"The Muffin King"
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"The Muffin King"
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The Muffin King
Season 2, Episode 18b
Episode name reference to/pun on: The nursery rhyme "The Muffin Man"
The Muffin King title card.png
Air date November 12, 1997
Production number 216b
Storyboard by Mike Stern
Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky
Craig McCracken (Art Direction)


The Muffin King is the second part of the 18th episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It originally aired on November 12, 1997. In this episode, Dexter and Dee Dee keep Dad away from Mom's muffins while she goes out shopping.


The episode begins with Mom methodically preparing batter to bake into muffins. In a scene parodying Dexter and Dee Dee’s relationship, Dad bursts into the kitchen and messes with Mom’s baking tools, forcing her to chase him out.

Dexter and Dee Dee find their father moping on his recliner. He emotionally explains how much he loves Mom’s muffins, and how he cannot control himself whenever she makes them. The children try to assure him the treats will be ready for dinner, but Dad cannot wait. He wants them now.

The muffins eventually finish baking, and Mom sets them on the window sill to cool down. She then realizes she has not made dinner yet. She decides to go grocery shopping, but first instructs the kids to not let Dad take any muffins, and to keep an eye out, as he can be tricky.

Dad watches as Mom pulls out of the driveway, then gets an idea. He heads to Mom’s vanity mirror.

Dexter and Dee Dee stand guard in the kitchen when Dad enters, dressed as Mom. He (as Mom) tells them they are going out for pizza tonight instead, and urges them to get ready. The kids rush out in excitement, leaving Dad alone with the muffins. The success is short-lived, however, as Dexter realizes his Mom does not have stubble. He and Dee Dee reenter the kitchen and take photos of Dad in his disguise, threatening to show his coworkers if he does not go to his room. Dad relents and trudges upstairs.

In his room, Dad grumbles about how the children should be obeying him, as he is their father. This gives him another idea. Downstairs, Dee Dee instructs Dexter to stay on guard as she checks on their father. When she leaves, Dad emerges from the shadows and orders Dexter to bring him the muffins (the scene parodying the “I am your father” scene from The Empire Strikes Back). Staring into Dad’s eyes puts Dexter into a trance, and he does as he is told. Luckily, Dee Dee returns in time to slap Dexter back to his senses, and the two send Dad back to his room.

Now completely deranged, Dad fantasizes himself in a land of happy, sentient muffins, with him as their Muffin King. Returning to reality, he vows to get his treats no matter what. A squirrel watches from outside the window.

Dad storms the kitchen, only to find cardboard cutouts of his kids waiting there. His real kids burst out and fire condiments at him. Dad avoids the attack and lobs an apple at them, which explodes on impact. The distraction is enough to allow Dad to leap at the window. Suddenly, however, the squirrel from earlier grabs the tray of muffins. Dad tackles it out of the window, and the two fight in a cloud of smoke. Ending the fight, Dad scolds the squirrel for stealing something his wife worked hard on for her family. Saddened, the squirrel returns the tray, then leaves.

Mom reappears, having seen the whole thing, and lovingly praises her husband’s bravery and selflessness. She and the kids agree to award Dad a muffin. He eats it with pure bliss. Mom asks the children to assist with the groceries, and the three leave.

Now alone, Dad clicks his tongue, calling the squirrel back. He reveals their fight was all a ruse to get his muffins, and he pays the animal with a bag of peanuts. The two happily munch on their snacks, Dad now wearing his Muffin King crown from his fantasy.



Episode Connections

  • When Dad mentions Chubby Cheese, Dexter initially had a dislike for it as shown in the episode of the same name. In this episode, his opinion on it has changed.

Cultural References

  • In one scene, Dad tells Dexter; "Dexter, I am your father!" and Dexter replies with "That is not possible!". This references to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, where Darth Vader reveals to Luke Skywalker that he is his father.
    • On a related note, Genndy Tartakovsky would later go on to make the Cartoon Network TV show Star Wars: Clone Wars.


  • Mom told Dexter and Dee Dee that she was going out the back door. Instead she left out a kitchen door leading to the garage shown in the next few frames.


  • This is one of a few episodes where Dexter is not in the lab.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Mom acted like Dexter when she is making the muffins while Dad acted like Dee Dee and ruined her cooking.
  • It is revealed that part of the reason Dad married Mom is because of those Muffins.
  • In Dad's fantasy, the muffin characters have no problem with ripping and eating pieces of their own bodies, but one of them is bothered when Dad eats part of him.
  • Dexter and Dee Dee get really excited when Dad (disguised as Mom) mentions Chubby Cheese's. When the restaurant was first shown in a previous episode, Dexter was not too big of a fan at that time. However, a few more visits with his family may have changed his opinion later on.
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