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Unfortunate Cookie "Unfortunate Cookie" Premiere Order
"The Muffin King"
"Picture Day" Picture Day
Unfortunate Cookie "Unfortunate Cookie" Production Order
"The Muffin King"
"Dee Dee Be Deep" Dee Dee Be Deep
The Muffin King
Season 2, Episode 18b
Episode name reference to/pun on: The nursery rhyme "The Muffin Man"
The Muffin King title card
Air date November 12, 1997
Production number 217b
Storyboard by Mike Stern
Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky
Craig McCracken (Art Direction)

The Muffin King is the second segment of the eighteenth episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on November 12, 1997.

In this episode, Mom bakes a tray of muffins that attracts Dad. While she's out shopping, Dexter and Dee Dee are tasked with protecting the muffins from Dad, who then protects the muffins from a squirrel.


Mom is in the kitchen making her muffins when she is interrupted by Dad, who sneaks in. As Mom prepares to turn on the mixer, Dad startles her, causing the batter inside the bowl to splatter the both of them. Dad continues to interfere with Mom's cooking by messing with a food processor, which Mom unplugs. She then orders Dad to leave the kitchen, which she sternly orders him to do after meddling with the food processor once more.

In the living room, Dexter and Dee Dee enter to see Dad in a slump. He tells them that he loves Mom's muffins and they were the reason he married her. Dexter assures him that the muffins will be ready by dinnertime, but Dad screams; "I need them now!" as he squirms in the armchair. Suddenly, the muffins' wafting smell comes out of the kitchen and excites Dad, who pleads to Dexter and Dee Dee that the muffins are begging to be devoured. Dee Dee assures Dad that everything will be all right, and Dad says he'll be in the armchair waiting.

In the kitchen, Mom takes the first batch of muffins out of the oven and places them on the windowsill so they can cool off, with the smell of them attracting a squirrel. Just after she and Dexter enter the kitchen, Dee Dee walks over to the muffins and smells their aroma, but Mom tells her that the muffins are for after dinner. She suddenly remembers that she forgot to get a roast and prepares to go to the store. Before she leaves, Mom asks the kids to keep the muffins away from Dad as he is crazy over them and is tricky. When Dexter promises that he and Dee Dee keep their word, Mom goes to the family car and heads to the supermarket, with Dad watching from the living room window. Before Mom drives down the street, she orders Dad to stay away from her muffins, then leaves.

Dad enacts on his plan to get the muffins by walking into the kitchen whistling casually, though when he sees Dexter and Dee Dee standing in front of the muffins with their arms folded, he leaves. In his and Mom's bedroom, Dad heads toward the vanity mirror. Back in the kitchen, Dad, while disguised as Mom, decides to take Dee Dee and Dexter to Chubby Cheese for dinner, in which the siblings leave the kitchen excitedly, and just after they leave, Dad heads toward the muffins and expresses his desire to eat them. In the living room, as Dexter and Dee Dee head toward the front door, he notices that "Mom was looking a little "stubbly" and, along with Dee Dee, runs back to the kitchen carrying a camera. He snaps several photos of Dad, and Dee Dee blackmails him by threatening to show the photos to the guys at Dad's office.

Dad promises he'll be good, with Dee Dee sending him to his room, and Dexter adding that he should stay out of the kitchen. In Mom and Dad's bedroom, Dad sits on the bed angry about being sent to his room by his two children. He comes up with an idea and returns to the kitchen once more. Dee Dee goes to check on him, and after she leaves, Dad enters the kitchen and asks Dexter to join the "muffin side", then hypnotizes him into getting the muffins. Dee Dee enters and snaps Dexter out of his trance by slapping his head. She then orders Dad to go to his room and stay there until Mom comes home.

In Dad's room, he makes a wish where he could go and eat muffins for all eternity, and is suddenly teleported to a land where he encounters several sentient muffins, who make him the king. He pledges to go to the kitchen and get the muffins as a squirrel sits nearby. In the kitchen, Dad encounters paper cutouts of Dexter and Dee Dee, who both attack him by firing cheese and cleaning spray at him. He scatters the kids by throwing an apple grenade at them. With Dexter and Dee Dee out of the way, Dad lunges at the muffins, but his happiness is cut short as he sees the squirrel carrying the muffin tray. A brief brawl between them ensues until they both hit a tree. Dad orders the squirrel to return the muffins to him and leave, then entrusts Dee Dee with keeping the muffins safe until dinner.

Mom comes home and praises Dad for keeping the muffins safe. She gives him a kiss and allows him to eat a muffin. As Mom, Dexter, and Dee Dee all go back into the house, Dad calls the squirrel over to him and hands him a bag of peanuts. It then eats the peanuts while Dad eats the muffins.



Episode Connections[]

  • The way Mom holds her muffins over her head is similar to how Dexter held up a plate of cookies in the episode "The Big Sister".
  • When Dad mentions Chubby Cheese, Dexter initially had a dislike for it as shown in the episode of the same name. In this episode, his opinion on it has changed.

Cultural References[]

  • In one scene, Dad tells Dexter; "Dexter, I am your father!" and Dexter replies with "That is not possible! Oh wait. No, you're right.". This references Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, where Darth Vader reveals to Luke Skywalker that he is his father.
    • On a related note, Genndy Tartakovsky would later go on to make the Cartoon Network animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars.
    • The actual scene has Vader say "No. I am your father." in response to Luke saying that Vader killed his father. This is a common misquote.
  • The episode name is a play on the nursery rhyme "The Muffin Man." At one point during Dad's dream, several muffins are heard singing this song.


  • Mom told Dexter and Dee Dee that she was going out the back door. Instead she left out a kitchen door leading to the garage shown in the next few frames.


  • This is one of a few episodes where Dexter is not in the lab.
  • Much like most episodes of the series, Mom behaves similarly to Dexter while Dad behaves like Dee Dee, in which the former tells the latter to stay out of the kitchen as she makes muffins.
  • Dexter and Dee Dee get really excited when Dad (disguised as Mom) mentions Chubby Cheese's. When the restaurant was first shown in a previous episode, Dexter was not too big of a fan at that time. However, a few more visits with his family may have changed his opinion later on.
  • During the Dexter's Laboratory Top 10 event that aired during Cartoon Network's weekly block Cartoon Cartoon Fridays on August 16, 2002, this episode was number 9.