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"The Lab of Tomorrow"
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"The Lab of Tomorrow"
"Garage Sale" Garage Sale
The Lab of Tomorrow
Season 4, Episode 12a
Episode name reference to/pun on: Tex Avery's The … of Tomorrow series of cartoons
The Lab of Tomorrow card
Air date November 4, 2003
Production number 411a
Written by Charlie Bean
Storyboard by Charlie Bean
Directed by Don Judge
Chris Savino
Paul Stec (Art director)

The Lab of Tomorrow is the first part of the 12th aired and 11th produced episode in season 4 of Dexter's Laboratory. The episode features Monkey as he gives a documentary of what future laboratories and sciences will be like.

The episode was produced in 2003 and premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on November 4 of that year.


A narrator takes the viewers inside Dexter's laboratory to prepare us what the future will be like.

For the first part, every family member will have their own lab of tomorrow. Dad then inputs a secret code on his TV remote and is sent down a chute to his private lab, where he lands in another armchair and resumes watching TV. As Mom washes the dishes, she looks around then jumps inside the sink and activates the garbage disposal. Inside her secret lab, several men are seen doing her chores while Mom takes a rest. Outside Dexter's room door, Dee Dee sees the entrance to a secret lab, and upon opening Dexter's door, she runs into a brick wall, which she does so three more times.

Inside Dexter's laboratory, Dexter is working on an invention when the narrator introduces the viewer to automated work, which does its job while Dexter keeps the machine oiled and running properly. Next, while Dexter sleeps in his bed, a machine wheels in and picks Dexter up while he's upside down and goes to the bathroom. The sink brushes Dexter's lateral part of the foot then brushes the bottom of his feet with a comb. It then goes to Dexter's closet, where Dexter's hands are in his boots, his glasses are put on his bottom.

Dexter pulls a book on his bookshelf, revealing a laser-guided shape detector that recognizes his shape then he enters the lab. Later, while Mom dusts Dexter's bookshelf, she knocks over one of his books, revealing the shape detector again. However, because it is unable to recognize her, it instead breaks.

Inside the laboratory, Dexter uses his telescope to look for life on other planets. He instead sees an old western film playing and an alien watching it, who then tells Dexter to "put out that light". At a computer, Dexter activates a button and orders the mouse to move his computer mouse around then double click. He then gives the mouse a piece of cheese. Later, Dexter is on a conveyor belt doing a simulation of him walking a dog.

Mandark sneaks into Dexter's lab. He then gets caught by a spotlight and watches to his shock as a machine comes out to form a giant flyswatter, which then flattens Mandark and brushes him away.

Dexter later fuses his brain with his computer, giving him a headache in the process. Then, Mandark and Dee Dee are running on a conveyor belt, the former chasing after Dee Dee and the latter chasing after a stuffed unicorn. Dexter is seen pumping with his foot, and the cord suddenly snaps, shutting down the power in the laboratory.

Highly intelligent lab rats are seen working on Dexter as one of them turns up the voltage while the other writes down the results. Once the machine is activated, Dexter is then given an electric shock, to which the narrator describes a success.

Dexter has a sweat stain underneath his shirt, so the narrator combines a screen door with his lab coat to make him breezy and comfortable. Though when Dexter raises his arm, the armpit smell attracts flies. Lastly, the beakers and bottles have been replaced with bottles and beakers.

The tour then closes with Monkey wishing the viewers a good night.



  • Although though most episodes premiered on Fridays, this episode (along with "Garage Sale" premiered on a Tuesday, as part of Cartoon Network's "November Premieres" block, where a new episode of a Cartoon Cartoon would premiere on a random weekday throughout the month.
  • In this episode it was revealed that Monkey could talk; originally, his first language was typical monkey screeches.
  • It was revealed that the narrations were Monkey talking, but when Mandark walked past him, his mouth was not seen moving and the narrator was heard speaking.


  • In the scene with the computer, Dexter is seen wearing a yellow glove when he pushes the button to call the mouse in.
  • In the scene regarding energy, Mandark and the conveyor belt are nowhere to be seen, but halfway through the fade-in, he and the conveyor belt appear simultaneously.

Cultural References[]

  • This episode is a parody of Tex Avery's "...Of Tomorrow" series  ("The House of Tomorrow", "The Farm of Tomorrow", "Television of Tomorrow" and "Cars of Tomorrow").
  • The device that scans Dexter for access to his laboratory is a reference to HAL from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on November 4, 2003, it was produced the same year according the credits. Additionally, the animated short "Chicken Scratch" was re-released alongside the airing of this episode.
  • This episode was finished in February of 2003.[1]


  • When Dexter activates the mouse, he has a yellow glove instead of a purple glove.