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This article is about the segments that feature the Justice Friends. For the characters in question, see this article.
The Justice Friends
“The Justice Friends, three of Earth's mightiest heroes, joining forces under one roof... to face the challenge of everyday life!”
Opening quote

The Justice Friends is a back-up segment that airs between two Dexter's Laboratory shorts during the second half of the first season and two episodes of the second season.


The Justice Friends consists of Major Glory, The Infraggable Krunk, and Valhallen, who are all roommates living in an apartment complex called Muscular Arms. Most of the adventures of The Justice Friends deal with the three trying to balance out their superhero adventures while just trying to keep their composure having to adjust to their living arrangement. Most of these adventures play out like a sitcom along with a laugh track, used in a satirical manner.


Main Cast[]

  • Major Glory - The self-appointed leader of the Justice Friends, Major Glory is an overly patriotic and dramatic man. He is a perfectionist who wants things done the right way, though his allies' easygoing personalities often cause more harm than good.
  • Valhallen - The guitar-playing Viking God of Rock. He has long-hair and a surfer dude accent. Valhallen's source of divine power is his Ax, which he also uses as a method of getting around. Without his Ax, Valhallen is powerless.
  • Krunk - The muscular member of the Justice Friends, Krunk, despite his hulking size, has the behavior of a child, often leading to more trouble for both Major Glory and Valhallen. Despite his childlike behavior, Krunk is well-meaning.

Recurring Characters[]

  • Living Bullet - A man who, true to his name, moves at lightning-fast speeds.
  • White Tiger - A white tiger who can only speak in roars and growling noises. He has cat-like abilities and often times acts as a normal house cat.
  • Capital G - A superhero who has the ability to change his size.


Season 1[]

  • TV Super Pals - With Major Glory's news appearance, the monster truck pull, and T.V. Puppet Pals all coming on at 5:30, Major Glory, Valhallen, and Krunk all get into a fight over what to watch.
  • Valhallen's Room - When Valhallen loses his ax, his divine source of power, Major Glory and Krunk go into his room to find it.
  • Krunk's Date - As the Justice Friends and the Injustice Friends fight, Krunk falls in love with She-Thing, who happens to be a female variant of him.
  • Say Uncle Sam - When Major Glory's Uncle Sam is coming to visit, he goes overboard forcing Valhallen and Krunk to tidy both the apartment and themselves up.
  • Ratman - The Justice Friends go into the basement of Muscular Arms to find a vigilante named Ratman, who was a boy raised by rats.
  • Bee Where? - The Justice Friends get into a tizzy trying to chase a bumblebee out of their apartment.
  • Can't Nap - As thanks for saving Valhallen, he invites White Tiger back to Muscular Arms to spend the night. However, Major Glory's cat allergy makes White Tiger feel unwelcome.

Season 2[]


  • The Justice Friends is a parody of both the Justice League and the Avengers, which involved superheroes that these heroes are parodies of.
  • This is the only Dexter's Laboratory segment that does not have cameos from the other two segments of the show, with the exception of Last But Not Beast.
  • In Season 1, the episodes contain a laugh track and the characters read out the title card. However, these all have been dropped in Season 2.
  • In an interview with IGN back in 2001, Genndy Tartakovsky was ultimately disappointed with how The Justice Friends turned out, stating that it would've been funnier if the characters in question had been fleshed out more.[1]
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