This article is about the segment. For the characters, see The Justice Friends.
The Justice Friends

The Justice Friends is a back-up segment that airs between two Dexter's Laboratory shorts during the second half of the first season and two episodes of the second season.


The Justice Friends consists of Major Glory, The Infraggable Krunk, and Valhallen, who are all roommates living in an apartment complex called Muscular Arms. Most of the adventures of The Justice Friends deal with the three trying to balance out their superhero adventures while just trying to keep their composure having to adjust to their living arrangement. Most of these adventures play out like a sitcom along with a laugh track, used in a satirical manner.


Main Cast

  • Major Glory - The Main character of the show. He is the most American American in all of America, who has superpowers that are related to American things. He is the most serious one who takes his job more seriously than the other members of the team. However, he is still a bad leader and he is usually messing everything up for the team.
  • Valhallen - The Viking god of Ragnarok & Roll. He is a long-haired rock star who uses the power of his electric guitar to play music as well as fighting crime.
  • Krunk - The biggest, strongest, and dumbest member of the team. He is a big purple monster who has the ability to lift really heavy things and smash stuff. He acts like a little kid and he always talks in third person. He has anger issues and is really violent if he gets mad.

Recurring Characters

  • Living Bullet - A bullet person who can move extremely fast. An old college roommate of Major Glory, Living Bullet oftentimes helps The Justice Friends when they are in need.
  • White Tiger - A white tiger who can only speak in roars and growling noises. He has cat-like abilities and often times acts as a normal house cat.
  • Capital G - A superhero who has the ability to stretch himself, grow really big, and shrink really small.


Season 1

Season 2


  • The Justice Friends is a parody of both the Justice League and the Avengers, which involved superheroes that these heroes are parodies of.
  • This is the only Dexter's Laboratory segment that does not have cameos of the other two segments of the show with the exception of Last But Not Beast.
  • In Season 1, the episodes contain a laugh track and the characters read out the title card. However, these all have been dropped in Season 2.