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"The Justice Friends: TV Super Pals"
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"The Justice Friends: TV Super Pals"
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The Justice Friends: TV Super Pals
Season 1, Episode 7b
Episode name reference to/pun on: T.V. Puppet Pals
TV Super Pals
Air date November 20, 1996
Production number 107b

TV Super Pals, the first episode of The Justice Friends, is the second segment of the seventh episode in season one of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on November 20, 1996.

In this episode, Major Glory's appearance on the local news, the monster truck pull that Valhallen is interested in, and Krunk's favorite TV show, T.V. Puppet Pals, all come on at 5:30. This causes a conflict between the three, as they all can't decide what to watch.


At a post office, the Disgruntled Postman escapes with a stamp to place on a bomb addressed to the president. Just then, Major Glory appears, with the Disgruntled Postman promptly attacking him by throwing envelopes with bills in them. The two then brawl, resulting in the Disgruntled Postman getting arrested and interviewed by an anchorwoman. She tells him that the story will be on at 5:30, to which Major Glory flies back to Muscular Arms.

Meanwhile, Minotaur records the sounds of three kidnapped sirens. Valhallen appears, demanding Minotaur to let the sirens go. He readily agrees to that in exchange for an autograph. Valhallen asks for the time and Minotaur tells him it's 5:30. Valhallen suddenly remembers the monster truck pull taking place at that time and flies home on his ax.

Later, Krunk is helping a girl named Susie get her cat out of a tree by tossing a baseball, a shoe, and a car at it. He then decides to toss Susie, to which she objects by saying that Ms. Kitty could stay in the tree. Defeated, Krunk stomps the ground, causing Ms. Kitty to fly out of the tree and land on Krunk's head. Suddenly, Susie's mother opens the front door calling her daughter inside to watch T.V. Puppet Pals, as it was 5:30. Susie excitedly runs back into her house while Krunk hops back to Muscular Arms.

At Muscular Arms, Valhallen and Major Glory are locked outside their apartment and scramble to get the key as they hear Krunk stomping toward the building. Valhallen manages to find the key, but is a little too late as Krunk knocks the door down, flattening both Major Glory and Valhallen. Krunk excitedly goes to watch T.V. Puppet Pals. Major Glory interrupts by showing Krunk his news interview, to which Valhallen blocks the TV and reminds them about the monster truck pull. As Krunk continues to watch TV, a fight between Major Glory and Valhallen erupts. It ends with Major Glory throwing the ax towards the TV, breaking it.

Enraged, Krunk towers over Major Glory and Valhallen. They apologize to each other artificially, and offer to make it up to Krunk. Krunk comes up with the idea of having Major Glory and Valhallen reenact T.V. Puppet Pals, with Major Glory as Puppet Pal Mitch and Valhallen as Puppet Pal Clem.



Cultural References[]

  • The cat resembles the one seen in 2 Stupid Dogs. This is a co-incidence since both 2 Stupid Dogs and Dexter's Laboratory at the time were produced and distributed by Hanna-Barbera.
  • The Disgruntled Postman physically resembles The Joker from Batman: The Animated Series and all of the DC Animated Universe during the early-1990s to the mid-2000s.


Production Notes[]

  • This episode was produced in the same year of 1996 according to the credits.