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"Hmm, something's still wrong, but what?!"

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  • (A bowl of tortilla chips are seen; Krunk's hand reaches down to the bowl and he grabs a handful of chips; he slowly moves them to his mouth)
  • Puppet Pal Mitch: Hey, Puppet Pal Clem, I just heard the funniest joke. Do you want to hear it?
  • Puppet Pal Clem: Lay it on me, Puppet Pal Mitch.
  • Puppet Pal Mitch: What do you get when you cross a zebra and a trench coat?
  • Puppet Pal Clem: I don't know. What do you get when you cross a zebra and a trench coat?
  • Puppet Pal Mitch: A bonk on the head.
  • (Krunk crunches the chips as the camera zooms in on his teeth; suddenly, one of the tortilla chips gets jammed into the crown of Krunk's tooth; he howls in pain)
  • Krunk: Krunk tooth hurt!
  • (He rips off his t-shirt; not long after, Krunk flies into a rage; he breaks the TV, rips an armchair in half, stomps twice, then breaks a table; in the kitchen, Major Glory is reading a newspaper while Valhallen is on the other side looking on; Krunk barges in, breaking the wall with both doors)
  • Krunk: OW!
  • Major Glory: Oh, say, can you see by the dawn's early light? Our friend Krunk is in a terrible fright.
  • (Krunk reaches his head over to Major Glory and screams)
  • Major Glory: Liberty's bell! Krunk is possessed by some intergalactic fiend of unimaginable imagination.
  • Krunk: Krunk tooth (while shouting at Major Glory and Valhallen, a gust of wind comes out of his mouth) hurt!
  • Major Glory: We must swiftly subdue our superfriend so he can disclose to us the location of the tooth that aches him so.
  • Valhallen: But...
  • (Major Glory runs over to Krunk and picks him up like a professional wrestler; he then throws him on the floor and rubs his stomach while Valhallen grabs Krunk's head; Krunk gasps)
  • (Valhallen looks inside Krunk's mouth, which is now wide open)
  • Valhallen: Yo, major, checketh this out. The agony that doth befall our friend is a bodacious chip jammed in his Krunk's teethesins.
  • Major Glory: Yes! It is as I suspected all along: The foreign object implanted in Krunk's teeth has caused Krunk to have a toothache.
  • Valhallen: Yo, we must make haste and taketh the infrangible one to the dentist.
  • Major Glory: No! The time for that has passed! We must extract the evil that is imbedded in Krunk's teeth and rid him of the plague that pains him!
  • (Krunk rubs his cheek)
  • Valhallen: But doesn't thou think it wouldst--
  • Major Glory: (interrupting) Valhallen, would you come here, please?
  • (He does so; Major Glory is angry)
  • Valhallen: Didst thou call upon me?
  • Major Glory: (smiling) Val, pal, who found the apartment?
  • Valhallen: Uh, you.
  • Major Glory: And who put the security deposit down?
  • Valhallen: You.
  • Major Glory: And who did I elect as your leader?
  • Valhallen: Uh, you.
  • Major Glory: (quietly) Hmm. Ok. Then I'd guess you should (shouting; Valhallen flinches to the left) SHUT UP AND DO WHAT I SAY!