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"The Justice Friends: Bee Where?"
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"The Justice Friends: Bee Where?"
"Mandarker" Mandarker
The Justice Friends: Bee Where?
Season 1, Episode 12b
Episode name reference to/pun on: The bee insect and the word "beware".
Bee Where.png
Air date December 25, 1996
Production number 112b
Storyboard by Butch Hartman, Craig McCracken
Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, Rob Renzetti

Bee Where? is the second part of the 12th episode in season one of Dexter’s Laboratory, which first aired on December 25, 1996. In this episode, the Justice Friends all encounter a bee and try to find a way to shoo it out of their apartment.


The episode begins showing a flower that a Bee buzzes around, then it goes up to the apartment that The Justice Friends live in and goes up to a window where Major Glory is vacuuming. When he sees the bee, he starts freaking out and running in fear. Krunk is in the fridge looking through the food when he overhears him screaming. Major Glory crashes into Krunk and then some honey starts dripping on his face which is being eaten by Krunk. Major Glory tells Krunk to stop eating that because it is going to attract more bees. Krunk laughs at him and tells him that Honey actually attracts bears and then a bear shows up in the hotel. The bee flies into Valhallen's Room and Valhallen comes crashing through the wall running and screaming that there's a bee in his hair. Major Glory slaps him to make him stop screaming and he uses his X-Ray vision to look in his hair and find the bee. He sees a lot of things that are in there but can't find the bee. The bee is then seen, flying in and out of Krunk's head. Major Glory jumps up and tackles him against the wall. Krunk asks what's wrong with the bee and Major Glory tells him that it's because they are constantly spreading pollen and stinging people. Krunk goes up to fight the bee and he grabs it. The bee sting him which makes him jump up in pain and crush Major Glory and Valhallen. Krunk was angry at the bee for stinging him, then he grabs them both and starts trying to beat the bee with it but he keeps missing and hitting himself on the head with both of them. Then, Valhallen suggests that they try something else.

The transition to the next scene shows Major Glory teaching Valhallen and Krunk that the bee will leave if they open up a window and make him fly out. The bee flies by and they all start opening up all the windows. Krunk tries to open one that is stuck and he ends up smashing a big hole in the wall. Then, Major Glory comes the the realization that opening up the windows will only make more bees come in. Valhallen questions that if he closes all the windows, how will the bee get out? Major Glory goes into a mind tunnel about wether the window should stay opened or closed. Valhallen then uses the power of his axe bass to stop the bee himself. Valhallen chases the bee around the apartment and the bee is about to go out the window when Major Glory officially decided that he will close it and he shuts the window on him causing the bee to fly somewhere else in the apartment and Valhallen to crash into Major Glory.

When the bee flies up to Major Glory's cape, he zaps his eye lasers at the bee, which causes the back of Major Glory's cape to catch fire. Major Glory screams and repeats the cycle of stop, drop, roll before crashing into Krunk and grieving over his charred cape. Major Glory then joins forces with Valhallen and Krunk to perform the justice frenzy, which they hope will suck up and destroy the bee. When they nearly vacuum up the bee, its stinger nears Major Glory's face, which makes him lose focus and spin out of control along with the others until all three crash into the ground outside their apartment. The Justice Friends are now defeated and piled up on the ground until Major Glory stands up and says that they have only one option left to do.

After a scene transition, the three Justice Friends are carefree as they watch TV on their couch, discussing how they really taught that bee a lesson. A camera pan reveals that they are sitting in the alley by their apartment while the bee is still buzzing around inside.





Cultural References

  • When Major Glory's cape catches fire, he does the stop, drop, and roll maneuver.
  • When Major Glory is vacuuming, he hums the song "Star Spangled Banner".
  • While the Justice Friends try to chase the bee out of their apartment, the song "Flight of the Bumblebee" can be heard playing throughout the episode.


  • Major Glory closes all the apartment windows to stop more bees from coming in, but in the end of the episode, the window that the bee entered their apartment from is still open.
  • When Valhallen chases the bee through the apartment room, there is a repeat pan of him passing by a long series of windows that would be too big to fit in their room or even the hallway of the entire apartment.
  • The door to Valhallen's room is a plain brown door, but in "Valhallen's Room", it is a big stone door encircled by fire.