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The Incredible Shrinking Dexter
Incredible Shrinking Dexter
Author Pam Pollack & Meg Belviso
Publication date June 1, 2003
Published by Scholastic
ISBN 0439434246
Publication Order
Preceded by
I Dream of Dexter
Followed by
Dexter's Big Switch

The Incredible Shrinking Dexter is the fifth of 6 chapter books based on Dexter's Laboratory that was published by Scholastic on June 1, 2003.

The title is a reference to the 1957 sci-fi film The Incredible Shrinking Man.


When Dexter's Shrinking Ray doesn't work, he believes science has failed him until he finds himself shrinking slowly. While walking home from school one day, Dee Dee is infatuated with the "dolly" she found, unaware that it is actually Dexter. She then places him in her dollhouse, prompting Dexter to get back to his lab and reverse the changes.


While in his lab, Dexter is working on his newest invention: The Electro-Pulpifying Device with Relentless Pancaking Power. He tests his invention out on a pile of his old experiments, but not before putting in one last screw into the Electro-Pulpifying Device.

Just before doing so, Dee Dee enters the lab and shouts in Dexter's ear, making him drop both his wrench and the lucky bolt, the former of which rolled across the laboratory floor under the Prehistoric Extraterrestrial Plantlife terrarium. The bolt bounces off Dee Dee's foot and rolls underneath the Dense Gravity Chamber. Dee Dee points out to him twice that the Dense Gravity Chamber isn't moving, prompting Dexter to throw her out of his lab.

After Dee Dee leaves, Dexter walks around thinking abou how to get the bolt. He suddenly comes up with the idea of shrinking himself to get the bolt, then gets to work on his invention: the Mutational Shrinking Ray, which reduces his size and Dexter could turn back to normal at his own pace. Later, Dexter completes his invention and is excited to use it. However, he quickly realizes that he cannot get up to the switch controls while small, so he goes to build a ladder of paper clips. Afterwards, he actives the Mutational Shrinking Ray once more and is zapped by a laser.

At first, Dexter doesn't feel anything noticeable and checks to make sure that he set everything up. Upset, Dexter starts crying and kicks the Mutational Shrinking Ray with his other boot. Mom orders Dexter to wash his hands for dinner, to which he notices his lab coat getting bigger. The next morning, Dexter notices his pajamas getting bigger as he gets out of bed to get dressed for the day. In the kitchen, the family eats blintzes as Dexter slowly shrinks.

Later that afternoon, Dexter's clothes and boots fall off. He noticed himself shrinking with every passing minute. When the bell rings, Dexter races for the classroom door, but is caught in the middle of a stampede of students racing home for the day. He gets knocked into a garbage pail. Outside, Dexter races home to reverse the shrink effects and is interrupted as a miniature poodle named Fifi carries him in her mouth. Fifi, however, chases a squirrel up a tree and puts Dexter into a hole she dug. He climbs out and manages to make his way home.

Dexter then sees Dee Dee running by and clings himself onto her pom-pom sock. On the second floor, Dexter enters his lab to grow back to normal size. He notes the bolt underneat the Dense Gravity Chamber and goes to push it out. After ten minutes, Dexter successfully pushes the bolt out from underneath the Dense Gravity Chamber and celebrates his achievement. It, however, is cut short as Dee Dee enters the lab looking for Dexter. She mistakes him for a "talking Dexter doll" and takes him to her room.

In Dee Dee's room, Dee Dee places Dexter into a dollhouse just after she dresses him up in one of her doll outfits. While acting out an episode, Mom calls Dee Dee downstairs and closes the door to her dollhouse, leaving Dexter trapped inside. He finds a pincushion in one of the chairs and uses it to open the dollhouse door. With him now outside the dollhouse, Dexter makes his way across the carpet, running into various things such as a toenail, tissue, and a strand of Dee Dee's hair along the way. In the hallway, Dexter hears footsteps and notices a giant spider heading towards him. Using the pincushion, Dexter chases the spider away and finds himself stuck to a spider web.

Dexter then notices Mom's footsteps walking by and calls her, but she doesn't hear him. With no other choice, Dexter struggles to get free from the spider web and the spider itself gives chase. Dee Dee stomps the spider flat and takes Dexter back to his laboratory. In there, Dexter orders Dee Dee to put him down on the controls of the Mutational Shrinking Ray while Dee Dee goes to look for Dexter himself. Dexter quickly turns the dial on the shrink ray and he is now back to normal size.

At night, Dexter puts his pajamas on and heads to bed. Not long after going to sleep, Dexter looks out his window to see Dee Dee, now immense, looking into his window. Dexter shrieked in terror.

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