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The Envelopes, Please! is a Shockwave game based on Cartoon Network's Cartoon Cartoons program that was available on the Cartoon Network website.

In this game, the player controls I.R. Baboon from I Am Weasel as he goes around backstage picking up envelopes to save the show.


On the big night of an awards show, Johnny Bravo notices that the envelopes used to present the awards have gone missing. He then asks I.R. Baboon to find the envelopes, to which I.R. hurriedly agrees to.


On the wooden platform, the player will find a platter of sandwiches. After picking them up, they must then talk to Magilla Gorilla, who gives them a VIP Pass in exchange for a snack. The player then must walk over to Eustace and show him the VIP Pass. He will then move, but the player must talk to Eustace again to give him a sandwich. On the stage, there is an envelope hidden inside the plant.

In the VIP room, the player will then find another envelope hidden inside the plant near the door. Afterwards, the player will talk to Foghorn Leghorn and give him a snack. Inside the room on the far left are Shaggy, Porky Pig, and HIM. The player must talk to Shaggy to give him the last snack on the platter in exchange for Dressing Room Key #3, then hand the platter to HIM, who will then move the cart and give the player access to the backlot. Before leaving, there is an envelope in the finger sandwiches.

In the backlot, the player finds the Broom Closet Key inside the dustpan, as well as two envelopes: One in the trash can and the other in the dumpster. Back inside, the player must head toward the broom closet, open it, and take the mop. With Igoo moved, the player can now access the dressing rooms. Here, they will find an envelope in the clothes. The player will then move to dressing room 3 where they can find the keys to the Mystery Machine underneath the pizza box.

In Dressing Room 2, Dexter will tell I.R. that Dee Dee spilled his instant tuxedo formula and needs to clean it up. With the mop, he'll take it and lap the formula up. Before leaving, the player must walk toward Dexter's robot assistant and talk to them, who will then give the player an envelope. Back outside, the player must use the Mystery Keys to unlock the back door of the Mystery Machine to find a box of Scooby Snacks in it.

Back in the area where the player starts, they walk towards the curtain where Scooby Doo is peeping his head out and gives him the Scooby Snacks. After, Scooby will move out of the way to reveal two levers, one red and one green. The player must first pull the green lever then the red lever. The curtain will open up to reveal a backdrop and an envelope stuck to it. Back in the VIP lounge, the player must talk to Mayor to get his dressing room key. Inside, the player will find a rose given to Mayor by Ms. Bellum, and an envelope hidden inside another plant.

With the rose, the player heads to Dressing Room 1 and hands it to Judy Jetson. Before leaving, there is a photo of Fred Flintstone with an envelope peeping out from underneath. With the tenth envelope, the player must then report back to Johnny Bravo, and the awards show goes on as planned.

Envelope locations[]

The envelopes can be picked up in any order.

  • Envelope #1 - Hidden inside the plant sitting on the stage.
  • Envelope #2 - Hidden inside a plant on the way to the VIP lounge.
  • Envelope #3 - Hidden underneath the finger sandwiches in the VIP lounge.
  • Envelope #4 - Hidden inside a trashcan in the backlot.
  • Envelope #5 - Hidden inside the dumpster in the backlot.
  • Envelope #6 - In the dressing room hallway, it can be found in the clothing rack between a purple tuxedo and a white bathrobe.
  • Envelope #7 - Hidden in Judy Jetson's dressing room beneath a picture of Fred Flintstone.
  • Envelope #8 - Obtained by talking to Dexter's robotic assistant in his dressing room.
  • Envelope #9 - Hidden inside the plant in the Mayor's dressing room.
  • Envelope #10 - Taped to the backdrop.