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"The Big Cheese"
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"The Big Cheese"
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The Big Cheese
Season 1, Episode 9c
Episode name reference to/pun on: The term "big cheese", another name for a boss.
The Big Cheese.png
Air date December 4, 1996
Production number 111c
Written by Andy Bialk & David Fassett (Model Design)
Butch Hartman (Background Design)
Andy Clark (Background Color)
Storyboard by Charlie Bean
Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky

The Big Cheese is the third part of the ninth episode in season one of Dexter's Laboratory, which aired on December 4, 1996. In this episode, Dexter is in his lab working on an experiment and neglects studying for his French test. To mitigate this, he uses an invention that allows him to learn French as he sleeps.

The record, however, repeats the phrase "omelette du fromage" over and over, making it the only thing Dexter can say. Due to this, Dexter briefly becomes a celebrity.


Dexter is in his laboratory one night getting every science experiment done quickly, and this is on the same night he had to study for a French test. At bedtime, Dexter takes his invention that gives him the option to learn while asleep and puts it on his head, inserting a French language instruction record the player. As Dexter is sleeping the night away, the record skips over "omelette du fromage," and when Dexter wakes up the next morning, he says the exact same word to Dee Dee. Teasingly she asks him her name, and despite his effort answers, "omelette du fromage", revealing to his horror that it is all he can say, which causes her to taunt him relentlessly. In French class that following morning, Dexter takes a test which he gets an A+ on. In math class, his only word becomes the correct answer for the question.

At recess, Dee Dee continues to taunt Dexter, only to have him repeat his phrase to his sister angrily. This grabs the attention of two girls, and they both go over to Dexter and fall in love with him. Five more girls (now total of seven) gather around Dexter, which makes three bullies walk over to the pint-sized scientist to hurt him. Instead, the bullies leave Dexter alone, and his phrase causes him to become an instant celebrity.

Dexter enjoys his moment of fame until he goes home to reverse the effects of the invention. However, the lab denies his phrase as an incorrect password, and he cries over his mishap while the lab triggers a self-destruct sequence as a safety measure. As a result, the lab explodes and the episode ends with Dee Dee continuing to taunt Dexter.



Episode Connections

Cultural References

Dexter's Omlette Du Fromage restaurant in comparison with the Downey California Goldern Arches McDonald's restaurant.

  • Dexter's password for his laboratory is "Star Wars", a reference to the widely popular science fiction franchise.
  • During Dexter's algebra class, a picture of the Eiffel Tower can be seen.
  • Dexter's basketball dunking pose is a reference to then-former professional basketball player Michael Jordan, a Chicago Bulls player known for dunking basketballs with his tongue hanging out.
  • After Dexter dunks a basketball, a card with "Just Dü It" appears, referencing Nike's slogan "Just Do It."
  • Dexter's restaurant "Omelettes Du Fromage" is a reference to the Golden Arches McDonald's that originated in Downey, California.
  • While looking for a record to learn French, the "Steven Hawks Sings" record cover is a reference to the late scientist Stephen William Hawking.
  • "Omelettes Du Fromage" incorrectly translates to "Cheese Omelettes" in French.


  • Dexter is seen playing Tic Tac Toe by himself, when his mom announces that it's bedtime the paper is no longer in front of him.

Production Notes