• Teacher: Morning, class, today it's a surprise today.
  • Robot: Paraguay, soybeans, the Russians, 36.
  • Dee Dee: [shushes] Stop making me cheat.
  • Robot: Abe Lincoln, Sri Lanka, the Andalusian mountains.
  • Dee Dee: Stop!
  • Teacher: Dee Dee, no talking during the quiz.
  • Boy: HA HA! Cheater, cheater.
  • Dee Dee: Quit it.
  • (The robot looks at the boy angrily; its mouth is red)
  • Robot: Be nice!
  • (It charges the lasers on its chest and fires them at the boy, who then howls in pain)
  • Teacher: Dee Dee, tell your guest to behave.
  • Dee Dee: But I didn't ask him to!
  • Teacher: No "buts".
  • Dee Dee: You dummy! Now I'm in trouble!
  • Robot: But I--
  • Dee Dee: No "buts"!
  • (Cut to a still image of the robot wearing a dunce cap on its head while it frowns; wipe to the house)
"Hmm, something's still wrong, but what?!"

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