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Gender Female
Species Human
First Appearance That Crazy Robot
Voiced By Kat Cressida

A female Teacher is a character from the Cartoon Network original series, Dexter's Laboratory whose real name is never given. She first appeared in the episode "That Crazy Robot". She is voiced by Kat Cressida.


The teacher has short orange hair like Dee Dee's mother and wears glasses (similar to her brother's), two gold earrings, and red lipstick. She also wears a purple sweater and gray pants.


All that is known about her is that she appears to be very strict or firm, at least to Dee Dee or to Dexter.


That Crazy Robot[]

She immediately recognized that Dee Dee's guest in her classroom was a humanoid robot, and tells Dee Dee to try to keep him under control until the test is completed.

Hunger Strikes[]

Later, she announces that several guest speakers will be coming to the class for Nutrition Awareness Week. Mr. Dancing Carrot enters the classroom, happily singing "Veggies are your pals" to the tune of "A Hunting We Will Go", and prompts the kids to sing along with him. The sight of a large dancing carrot causes Dexter to shudder and sweat profusely as he becomes transfixed on the man in the suit. Mr. Dancing Carrot is suddenly cut off in mid-song as Dexter bites the costume leaving the other students shocked.

Project Dee Dee[]

Although she is not seen, her voice is once again heard asking her students to present their projects on propulsion. When Dee Dee presents hers (which has been heavily modified by Dexter), it causes the school to be launched into orbit, taking Dee Dee's teacher and most of the students with her. Afterwards, Dexter and Dee Dee fled over the border.

Aye Aye Eyes[]

Although she is redesigned in another form. When she takes the place of Phillips Luzinsky, she gave all the tests of the school while Dexter did it quickly and finished. After Dexter is shocked when he sees the little autistic girl outside the window, leaving the teacher and other students more angry at him, and Dexter is placed in the corner in time-out (In fact, Dexter hates time-out) and the girl continues looking him inside.



  • In the credits she is simply referred to as "Teacher".

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