Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Tattoo artist
Interests Tattoos, Gingerbread Men
First Appearance Decode of Honor

Tattoo is a tattoo artist who runs his own tattoo parlor in town. He appeared in the episode "Decode of Honor".


He is a large, brooding, hairy, fat man covered in numerous tattoos.


Despite his gritty and brooding appearance, he's actually a nice guy who shares Dee Dee's fondness for Gingerbread Men.


After deciphering her code sheet (which was actually Dexter's) Dee Dee went to Tattoo's parlor where he offered Dee Dee a wide variety of intimidating tattoos. However Dee Dee frighteningly asked if he had a Gingerbread Man style tattoo, to which he happily responded by showing her the Gingerbread tattoo on his finger. He then gave her the tattoo which would later on prove to be a difficult topic to discuss with her parents.

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