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Gender Male
Species Alien
Occupation Tanning hides
First Appearance Dial M for Monkey: Peltra
Voiced By Frank Welker

“Isa gonna tan his hide and stretch it out real good like!”

Tanner is a character in the Dial M for Monkey series. He is one of two minions of Peltra, the other being Skinner.


Tanner is a large farmer-like alien who wears a yellow hat, a red wool shirt, brown overalls with one strap and brown shoes.


He, along with Skinner, frequently assists Peltra in capturing animals and removing them of their skin in order to turn them into fur coats, a task which he greatly enjoys.


His weapons include, but are not limited to, a laser gun, a wrist lasso launcher, and his own brute strength.


Dial M for Monkey: Peltra[]

His only appearance is in the Dial M for Monkey episode: Peltra. Skinner and Tanner are first seen when Peltra envies Monkey's fur coat. After Peltra talks about how she is an expert fashion designer who only wants one-of-a-kind fur coats for intergalactic species, Skinner and Tanner compliment her on her speech.

The three of them then proceed to capture Monkey. As Monkey and Agent Honeydew are having sundae, Skinner and Tanner interrupt by blasting the sundaes. After this, a shootout begins. Monkey fights the minions by first burning their guns with his laser eyes. Tanner then lassos Monkey, and Skinner gets out his dagger in preparation for skinning Monkey. However, Tanner is yanked and punched by Monkey. Skinner launches a jaw trap that unfortunately bites Tanner instead. Monkey then throws Tanner on Skinner, crushing him.

After Monkey is forced to surrender himself in order to save Agent Honeydew, the five of them return to Peltra's spaceship as Peltra, Skinner and Tanner prepare to turn Monkey's skin into a fur coat. However, Agent Honeydew manages to escape, grabs a bucket of salmon-colored paint, and throws it onto Monkey. Enraged that paint renders fur coats unwearable, Peltra fights with Agent Honeydew, as Skinner and Tanner watch helplessly. Monkey uses this opportunity to escape and defeat the two minions. Tanner is the second of the two to be defeated, as he barely puts up a fight as Monkey easily blocks his punch and then flattens him like an accordion. His fate after that is unknown.


  • Like Peltra, Skinner, along with Tanner, both pay homage to Cruella de Vil's minions Horace and Jasper from 101 Dalmatians, as Jasper was skinny while Horace was fat.
  • Though Skinner and Tanner are aliens, they exhibit hillbilly behavior and dress like them.
  • Interestingly, Skinner and Tanner were not seen walking/running on-screen, being stationary in almost every scene.

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