Talking Dog

Talking Dog
Gender Male
Species Dog (Labrador Retriever)
Family His owner
Occupation Pet
First Appearance Dexter's Lab: A Story
Voiced By Frank Welker

The Talking Dog is a stray Labrador who Dexter found in the episode "Dexter's Lab: A Story" after it got separated from its owner.


Dexter's Lab: A Story

After this dog saw Dexter making his way home, he chose to follow him there. After Dexter made it home and his dad saw the dog he instantly grew attached to it and forced Dexter to keep it. The dog while useful to Dexter at first soon became a nuisance after he started barking at a random machine for no reason,

The Talking Dog barking at the "thing".

in order to find out why the machine bothered him Dexter decided to create a special pill that would allow the dog to talk, however this only made the dog more irritating as he only spouted nonsense and stupidity at the same level as Dee Dee. Once Dexter had enough he decided to search for the dog's owner who turned out to be just as annoying as his dog, and soon after they left to go for a ride in their car.

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