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Surfer Boy
Dexter's Lab Minor Characters - Surfer Boy)
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Surfer
Interests Surfing
First Appearance Sun, Surf, and Science
Voiced By Tom Kenny

Surfer Boy is a surfer from "Sun, Surf, and Science". Mandark believed that he was Dee Dee's boyfriend due to her fawning over all the cool things he did, which made Mandark jealous of him and he wanted to become cool like he was in order to win over Dee Dee. Mandark then entered a surfing competition, believing that the Surfer Boy would be in it, but instead it turned out to be Dee Dee. After sacrificing himself to save Dee Dee and losing the race, Mandark started drowning and was saved by the Surfer Boy. As thanks, Mandark offered him use of his Indoor Wave Pool and the two became friends. Possibly more.

In the episode he is referred to only as “Surfer boy”, and his actual name is never revealed.

He was voiced by Tom Kenny.


  • "Lame 'do, bro."
  • "No problem dude. That was some pretty radical surfing!"
  • "That would be the bomb, dude!"



  • His appearance resembles Dee Dee. He has the same shape and hair color as her.
  • He also slightly resembles Talking Dog's Owner.
  • There is a popular theory that Mandark may have a crush on the Surfer boy that goes both ways.

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