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Super Snowmobile Rally was a Flash game that was formerly available on the Cartoon Network website. It is a crossover racing game where players must race against an opposing team to win.


The player is given three teams to pick from:

  • Team Dexter (Dexter and Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory), driving a green snowmobile.
  • Team Mandy (Billy and Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy), driving a red snowmobile.
  • Team Bravo (Johnny Bravo and Bunny "Mama" Bravo from Johnny Bravo), driving a blue snowmobile.

Once the team is chosen, the player is then sent to a team race where they must be the first to reach the finish, avoiding obstacles that can damage the snowmobile along the way such as snowmen and rocks. If the player bumps into any obstacle, they will get knocked back and their snowmobile will take damage. If the snowmobile takes too much damage, it'll blow out smoke and the player will no longer be able to move.

Along the way, the player can pick up one extra try for their snowmobile and wrenches to repair all damage.

There are also snowflakes that will give the team that picks it up a powerup, ranging from:

  • Snowball-zooka: A weapon that allows the player to fire an enlarged snowball from a bazooka. If it hits the other team, the rear team member will be knocked off and will not be able to move for a few moments.
  • Shield: A red barrier that protects the team from all hazards for a few moments.
  • Turbo Boost: The team flies ahead for a few moments, avoiding all obstacles and temporarily losing control of their snowmobile.
  • Deep Freeze: When used, the team hit by water thrown out of the bucket freezes for a few moments, rendering them unable to move.
  • Snowman: Drops a snowman on the track.

The player can also lose if the following happens:

  • The player runs out of lives.
  • The player loses to the opposing team.

If either event happens, the game is over and the player must start from the beginning with their chosen team.