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Super Robot
Super Robot
Created by Dexter
Used by Dexter
Function Battle Robot
First Appearance Inflata Dee Dee

The Super Robot is a special robot suit invented by Dexter. The Robot was not named in either of the episodes that it appeared; however, years later an action figure of the Robot was released with the name "Super Robot."

Despite its limited appearance, the Super Robot would regularly appear in the Cartoon Network Studios logo after the credits and as mentioned before, a robot toy action figure based on this robot was released in 2002 by Trendmasters. It was designed by Genndy Tartakovsky.


The robot itself has a white color-scheme with a cockpit covered by a glass dome, as well as two metal claws with purple wrists, stumpy robotic legs, metal wings on its back, a red line along its chest along with a blue emblem with a red "D" on it.

Action Figure Design[]

The toy based on this robot is about 5 inches tall, and made out of hard plastic. The cockpit opens up, its fists can be fired, and the wings on its back are removable. It is articulated at the arms, elbows, hips and knees, although due to the design, its movement is limited.

The toy comes with a small, static Dexter figure which can be placed in the cockpit. The Dexter figure itself has articulated arms and can hold a remote to control the robot suit. In the cockpit is a small control lever but the Dexter figure is unable to grab it.


Inflata Dee Dee[]

Dexter used the Super Robot to attempt to catch Dee Dee, who was wearing Dexter's Hydroplasmatic Inflation Suit. However, the Super Robot was unable to hold onto the Inflation Suit and was seemingly destroyed.

Accent You Hate[]

Dexter used the Super Robot to try and fight off Gary, a bully that hates people with funny accents; however, the robot short-circuited and fell apart when it came in contact with water.