Dexter's Laboratory Wiki


(Dexter somewhere in his lab, mixing a substance whilst turning a dial.)

Dexter: [singing] Making the science, la la, la, making the science- [He grabs a test tube and it accidentally flies upwards.] Oopsy. [It falls on the table, splattering on his shirt.] Oh, would you look at that? How could I concentrate to the full capacity of my genius covered in such a filth? [He walks away] Blech!

(Dexter, now in his room, is undressing himself and replaces his messy lab coat, gloves and shoes with new, clean ones from his closet. After redressing, he jumps triumphantly.)

Dexter: [He walks back to his work area.] Now, back to the business. [He begins mixing his substance again.] Yes, yes! [He mixes more vigorously] This will be my greatest experiment ever! [He proudly holds his arm up, not realizing his beaker is about to fall over, which it does, making the same mess. Dexter holds his lab coat by wear the spill is.] Oh, for the sake of Pete...

(Dexter returns to his room to change again.)

Dexter: [Again, he walks back to his work area.] Okay now, here we a-go! [He slowly rises up to his work area. He carefully grabs his beaker.] Carefully, carefully. [He holds up a test tube and begins to pour another substance into the beaker.] Yes, that is it. Perfect, perfect! [A drop splashes Dexter's lab coat.] Oh HECK this is turning out to be!

(Dexter, once again, returns to his room to throw away another lab coat. He goes over to his closet to get another one. To his surprise, there are none left.)

Dexter: Hmm...MOOOOOOOOOOOM...!!!!

(A breeze blows through Dexter's bedroom window, causing him to shiver)

Dexter: What is taking her so long?

(Dexter pokes his head out his door)

Dexter: He, mom! Shake a leg or something! [his mom arrives and opens the door but he doesn't notice] Mom! Mom! [he finally notices her and covers himself in embarrassment] HEY! [runs back in his room]

(Dexter's mom chuckles while holding a sparkly clean lab coat and gloves for her son on a hanger)

Mom: Oh, come on out, Shy Boy. Here's your little play clothes all fresh and clean. But I just can't understand how you manage to stain your little outfit so quickly.

Dexter: Yeah, yeah, mom. It's a real enigma. [grabs his lab coat] Now, if you'll excuse me, I have much work to be doing. [takes his lab coat and gloves with him and closes the door]

(Dexter's dad stands behind his mom, fixing his tie)

Dad: The boy's right, dear. [puts his hands on his wife's hips] There is much work to be doing.

(Dexter streaks through the meadow)

Dexter: Oh boy, that was a close one. I just have to get to Ruthy's Field, and I will be home free! Home...

(Dexter streaks past a hippie couple sitting on a rock who smile as they watch him pass by, thinking he's celebrating the freedom of his nakedness)


Male Hippie: Right on, brother!

Women: Oh my!