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"Streaky Clean"
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"Streaky Clean"
"A Dad Cartoon" A Dad Cartoon
Streaky Clean
Season 3, Episode 1a
Episode name reference to/pun on: The word "streak" and the term "squeaky clean".
Air date November 16, 2001 (sneak preview)
November 18, 2001 (Dexter Goes Global)
Production number 302a
Directed by Robert Alvarez
Chris Savino

Streaky Clean is the first part of the first episode in season 3 of Dexter's Laboratory. It originally aired on November 18, 2001 as part of Dexter Goes Global.

In this episode, Dexter invents a satellite to clean the stains off of his clothes, but the satellite malfunctions after colliding with another satellite. Not only does the cleaning ray remove stains, but it also removes the fabric on Dexter's clothing.


Dexter creates a satellite to clean stains off of his clothes, but it goes horribly wrong when Mir space station hits the satellite that Dexter created and the satellite becomes damaged, causing the fabric beneath each stain to be eliminated as well.


Dexter grows tired of spilling stains on himself, so he decides to build a device to keep the stains off of him, however someone falls asleep and changes the device, accidentally making it remove his clothes.

Dexter tries to make it home in the nude, but encounters several troubles along the way. He hides in a mailbox, but falls out and his glasses break, obscuring his vision. He then decides to pose as a pig in mud to deceive three girls. Next, he makes it home and past his parents, but finds no clothes for him to wear, so he decides to pull a coat out of the trash, but on his way out his mom notices the stain on his coat.





  • During the Dexter's Laboratory Top 10 event that aired during Cartoon Network's weekly block Cartoon Cartoon Fridays on August 16, 2002, this episode was number 10.


  • Due to the fact the series was undergoing a transition to the new animation style, Dexter's house is not designed correctly in this episode. It has no upstairs windows on the outside of his house like it should. It would be later fixed in future episodes.
  • During the scene in which Dexter repeatedly clicks his pen in class, his mouth disappears for a few seconds.

Production Notes

  • This is pretty much the only episode where we see Dexter changing his clothes.
  • This is the seventh episode where we see Dexter in his underpants.
  • The plot of this episode is fairly similar to "Dexter Is Dirty".
  • Although this episode aired in the United States on November 18, 2001, it was produced the same year according to the credits. It was also the first episode produced in 2001.
    • This episode was finished in April of 2001. [1]


  • This episode premiered on Cartoon Network's marathon "Dexter Goes Global" worldwide on November 18, 2001.
  • This episode is aired out of order because Mrs. Morris was debuted in the episode "Mind Over Chatter", she makes a cameo appearance in the end of the episode alongside with other women in a reunion with Mom.

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