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The state prison as shown in the episode "Dexter Detention".

The State Prison is a minor location in Dexter's Laboratory. It first appeared in the episode "Dexter Detention" and later in "Bad Cable Manners".


"Dexter Detention"[]

The State Prison appears at the end of this episode where Dexter is sentenced to time in prison for breaking in. While Dexter was in detention for shouting out the answer to a question on Miss Wimple's test, he and three other boys formulate a plan to escape without the Detention Warden's knowledge. While Dexter and the boys were successful in escaping, Dexter's victory was short lived as one of the prison wardens tells him that he broke into the state prison. It then showed Dexter inside one of the prison cells hammering a metal ball attached to a chain while two officers with guns stood over him.

"Bad Cable Manners"[]

The State Prison appeared again where it, just like "Dexter Detention", appears at the end of the episode. Here, Dad had to serve time in prison for watching pirated TV that Dexter got for him.