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Dee-Dee: [Laughs at Dexter's speech for wanting to be Major Glory's sidekick]
Dexter: And what is so amusing about that? [Dee-Dee continues laughing] Dee-Dee stop laughing this instant!
Dee-Dee: Okay, okay Dexter, don't get your underwear into a wrinkle. Look...You're my brother and all and I'll be honest with ya...[Amused] You've gotta be kidding me! [Seriously] You don't have what takes. Just look at ya...[Measures Dexter] You're two foot nothing. [Camera zooms on Dexter's glasses] You can barely see [Puts her arm around Dexter's shoulder] and besides everything...You're a dork! [Smiles]
Dexter: [Yells in frustration]
Dexter: And I suppose you have what it takes to be a superhero's sidekick?
Dee-Dee: [Shrugs] Of course. I have style, pizzazz, and I can punch and kick some. You know. [Dexter opens his mouth to talk] Yes?
Dexter: [Drops it] Forget it. [Walks upstairs] There's nothing to be said. I will be Major Glory's sidekick and you will not.
Dee-Dee: [Shouts upstairs] That's what you think Dexter!
Dexter: No Dee-Dee! That's what I know.
"Hmm, something's still wrong, but what?!"

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