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"Star Check Unconventional"
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"Star Check Unconventional"
"Dexter Is Dirty" Dexter Is Dirty
Star Check Unconventional
Season 2, Episode 14a
Episode name reference to/pun on: Star Trek
Star Check Unconventional
Air date October 15, 1997
Production number 215a
Storyboard by Paul Rudish
Directed by Rob Renzetti

Star Check Unconventional is the first part of the 14th episode from Season 2, which first aired on October 15, 1997. Dexter and his friends try to go to the Star Check convention at the Westside Convention Center in the big city, but instead end up in a Darbie collectors expo.


The entire episode is a parody of Star Trek, particularly the Original Series. Dexter is a parody of Captain Kirk, the kid on the far left of the accompanying image is meant to be First Officer Spock, and the kid in the middle is meant to be Doctor McCoy. When they accidentally end up in the Darbie expo, they mistakenly believe that the girls are a race of primitive aliens and they are on a different planet, like in the Original Series of Star Trek. They also mistake the Bicentennial Kristal doll for a "Bilithium Crystal", which is a parody of dilithium. After a fight with the employee in the Doll Show, Dexter destroys the collectible Darbie doll near the leader. They manage to escape to the Star Check convention by stowing away in doll boxes. Upon their arrival, they're mistaken for collectibles by Star Check fans who start gawking at them in the same manner as the doll collectors.



Cultural References[]

Star Check Unconventional Costumes

Left to right, "Spock," "Leonard McCoy," and Dexter as "James Kirk."

  • The fight between the employee and Dexter is a parody of the fight between Spock and James Kirk in the episode, "Amok Time".
  • Dexter's Friends in the back seat also appeared in D & DD. Only the blond-haired one is missing.
  • In this episode, Dexter's mom had a car of her own that was a luxury family wagon (this is its first and only appearance).
  • When Dexter shot the collectible Darbie Doll with the Turple, she fell on the ground beheaded but in the next scene, when the leader shouts, "SEIZE THEM!" the doll was back in the glass box unharmed.
  • The episode title is a play on Star Trek; the whole episode parodies various things in Star Trek TOS.
  • The song Dexter's mom sings is a parody of the original Star Trek theme.
  • Dexter refers to one of his friends as "Skins", presumably spoofing the nickname "Bones" of Doctor Leonard McCoy.
  • As Dexter and his friends walk down the aisle of dolls, they walk across three dolls that resemble Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, the three main protagonists of the TV show The Powerpuff Girls.


  • When Dexter and his friends arrive at the Star Check convention while disguised as dolls, Dexter is seen wearing his purple gloves, but in the next frame, they are gone.

Production Notes[]