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Space Hicks

Kevin (left) and his unnamed hunting pal (right).

The Space Hicks are a race of giant three-legged aliens from an unknown planet that appeared in the episode "Dial M for Monkey: Huntor". They were voiced by Ed Gilbert and Bob Ridgely.


These aliens are incredibly huge, with a being like Huntor seeming like a small mouse compared to them. They have green skin, proboscis-like mouths, four black eyes and three legs. They wear rural hunting clothes and carry large laser shotguns.


Members of this species have a love for hunting or just generally shooting things and have a very rural culture.


Dial M for Monkey: Huntor[]

After the evil alien hunter Huntor was defeated by Monkey, Monkey decided that Huntor needed a taste of his own medicine and so dropped him off on the planet of the Space Hicks who were at first perplexed by Huntor's appearance, but immediately disregarded it and decided to shoot him for fun. The horrified Huntor then ran off into the sunset as he was gunned by the Space Hicks.