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Soyen Chen
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Super Genius,
Interests Science (formerly)


First Appearance School Girl Crushed
Voiced By Lauren Tom

Soyen Chen was a new student at Huber Elementary who made her only appearance in the episode "School Girl Crushed". She is voiced by Lauren Tom.


Soyen Chen is a young, short girl of Asian decent that wears a white long-sleeved collared shirt, a green knee-length skirt, and brown shoes. She also wears large red-framed glasses and sometimes carries a purple backpack.


Originally, she was interested in science and math, and it appeared that she was even smarter than Dexter and Mandark. She also managed to devise an equation that would allow for the easy takeover of the world, implying that she may have had a dark side. Later on though, she gives up her scientific pursuits to pursue a newfound interest: Boys. She then developed a crush on Dexter and Mandark.


School Girl Crushed[]

Due to her incredible intelligence, she was seen as a threat to both Dexter and Mandark and they decided to join forces to destroy her. However, they were continuously outwitted by her and their own egos. Eventually, they surrendered to her, but she revealed that she decided to give up science and move on to a new hobby: Pursuing Boys! She then romantically pursued after a fearful Dexter and Mandark while going after them and trying to kiss them.