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Aliases Master of Doom
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Occupation Evil Wizard
First Appearance D & DD
Voiced By Frank Welker

Soraz, Master of Doom is an evil magician who rules over a somber land of mazes and monsters. He and the Semitaur were made by Dexter for his Monster & Mazes boardgame. He is voiced by Frank Welker.


Soraz wears a purple cloak that hides most of his body and face, and the only parts of his face that can be seen are his pale blue eyes. His arms are very pale, almost ghostly white and he has long fingernails. When he takes off his hood, he looks just like Dexter, making him Dexter's self-insert in the game.


Dexter depicts Soraz as an evil wizard who loves to torment his foes and zap people. When Dexter stopped being the Game Master and Dee Dee took over, Soraz was portrayed as a somewhat casual fellow who grew bored easily and decided to read a book instead of zapping people.


Soraz is depicted as being a powerful wizard who could shoot magical lightning from his hands. He also had numerous minions under his control, such as goblins and the dreaded Semitaur.


D & DD[]

Dexter's Friends encountered this fiendish wizard in a session of Monsters & Mazes after eluding his minions and defeating his Semitaur. Once confronted, Soraz proves to be a deadly force who easily overpowers the heroes and zaps the life out of them. With all his might, Valerian the Chivalrous Paladin stands and musters the strength... to call Soraz a 'cheater', which causes him to remove his hood revealing himself to be Dexter who becomes angered at having his whims questioned. The boys then roll their dice to see if their constitutions can survive evil magic, however Valerian is proven right when Dexter does indeed cheat from behind his Game Master's guide and uses his cheating ways to fry the young heroes.

After Dee Dee took over as Game Master, the young heroes somehow survived as Soraz was now "done zapping" and was content with reading a book. Within the redefined setting, Soraz was presumably no longer Dexter's self-insert, as Dexter was now playing as "Hodo the Furry-Footed Burrower".


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