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"Sole Brother"
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Sole Brother
Season 3, Episode 1c
Episode name reference to/pun on: The Queen song "Soul Brother" and the word "sole", another name for a shoe.
Sole Brother
Air date November 16, 2001 (sneak preview)
November 18, 2001 (Dexter Goes Global)
Production number 302c
Storyboard by Clayton McKenzie Morrow
Directed by John McIntyre
Chris Savino

Sole Brother is the third segment of the first episode of season 3 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on November 16, 2001 as a sneak preview, and later on November 18, 2001 as part of Cartoon Network's "Dexter Goes Global" marathon.

In this episode, Dexter tries out teleportation for the first time, but when Dee Dee ends up getting involved, a mishap causes him to become one of Dee Dee's feet. As a result, Dexter has to wait an entire day to reverse the effects.


Dexter is in his lab testing out his new teleporter using an apple as his test subject. The test proves to be a success, and Dexter eats it. Dexter prepares to teleport himself, but couldn't due to low power. On the next day, Dexter tries to teleport himself, but is halted by an error in the second teleporter. Computer alerts him, but Dexter ignores it and the test proceeds as normal. The teleportation, while a success, ends with Dexter being part of Dee Dee's foot. Dexter struggles to get free, but Dee Dee starts moving and slamming Dexter's face into the ground.

Dee Dee looks at her brother as her foot, and she tries to shake Dexter off. Dexter accuses Dee Dee of ruining the experiment, and explains the consequences to her. Mom calls Dexter and Dee Dee down for lunch and come up with a plan to avoid having Mom know about the dilemma. Back in the lab, Dexter again suggests about hiding out for the rest of the day, only for Dee Dee to realize she's late for her dance auditions. After the auditions, Dee Dee heads back inside the house and purposefully stomps her brother's face into the floor. Dad calls for Dee Dee, which gives her an opportunity to tell him about Dexter's lab. Dad tells Dee Dee that her dance audition went over well. Dee Dee decides to call it a day and heads to bed. On the bed, Dee Dee's massive foot scratches and rubs Dexter's head which makes Dexter to punch her foot away. But, the overwhelming foot bounces back and crushes Dexter's body into the bed.

After 24 hours have passed, Dexter and Dee Dee go into Dexter's lab to reverse the effects. The test was a success, but Dee Dee has wings and Dexter has a stinger. They both go their own ways while the bug stands there and does a dance.




  • This is the first episode since "Figure Not Included" to have Dee Dee voiced by Allison Moore. Her newer design makes her debut in this episode.
  • The episode was originally going to include a scene in which Dexter and Dee Dee were in dance class, but was removed for time.
  • For reasons unknown, the sound effects for the Hanna-Barbera logo used throughout Season 2 of the series (as well as for other Cartoon Cartoons of 1997 using this logo such as Johnny Bravo (season 1 only), Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel) play over the Cartoon Network Studios logo (as this was the first episode produced after Cartoon Network Studios became a separate company when H-B was folded into Warner Bros. Animation). This is fixed in subsequent episodes.

Cultural References[]

  • The plot of the episode is loosely based on Kurt Numann's 1958 science fiction horror film The Fly and David Cronenberg's 1986 body horror movie remake of the same name.

Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on November 18, 2001, it was produced same year according to the credits.
  • This episode was finished on April 27, 2001. [1]


  • This episode premiered on Cartoon Network's marathon "Dexter Goes Global" worldwide on November 18, 2001.