Gender Male
Species Snowman
Occupation Superhero
Interests Doing nothing
First Appearance Barbequor
Voiced By Tom Kenny

“Huh...? Oh. No, I'm cool...”

Snowman was a snowman-themed superhero and a member of the Justice Friends whose only appearance was in the episode Barbequor. He was voiced by Tom Kenny.


Snowman is, as his name indicates, a snowman who is made out of white snow. He wears a blue cape with the letter S in gold on it. He also has a light blue mask and gloves. Most of all, however, Snowman also wears a top hat with a blue stripe on it. Snowman has a carrot for a nose.


Snowman is a very lazy person who doesn't really seem to care about anything at all.


As he never fought in battle, it is unknown what abilities he possesses, however even though he is made of snow, he was seen drinking from a flaming cup of lava and being perfectly fine with it, indicating that his power is immunity to fire and heat. He may also posses snow-based abilities.


  • Snowman may be a parody of Marvel comic superhero Iceman.
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