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Snorkdro 1
Gender Male
Species Alien Elephant
Occupation Huntor's Mount
First Appearance Dial M for Monkey: Huntor
Voiced By Frank Welker

Snorkdro is an alien elephant that Huntor uses as transportation. He appears only in the episode "Huntor", when Huntor is chasing Monkey through his game preserve. He does not speak, but his noises are provided by Frank Welker.


Snorkdro is an alien animal that resembles a purple-colored elephant; he has six legs, a body covered in a shell similar to an armadillo, and his ears are similar to webbed frills.


Although he serves Huntor, he presumably follows him out of fear rather than genuine loyalty, as during Monkey's escape from Huntor's lair, he is seen being lifted by Monkey away from the explosion, showing no animosity to the primate hero, and looking happy to leave the place.

Much like the stereotype of Earth elephants, Snorkdro is afraid of mice.



  • Snorkdro made an appearance, along with Huntor, in an episode of Samurai Jack. However, the Snorkdro seen here was a robot (perhaps converted via roboticization) rather than a real animal.