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"Shoo, Shoe Gnomes"
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"Shoo, Shoe Gnomes"
"Lab of the Lost" Lab of the Lost
Shoo, Shoe Gnomes
Season 2, Episode 6b
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Shoo, Shoe Gnomes title card
Air date August 20, 1997
Production number 207b

Shoo, Shoe Gnomes is the second segment of the sixth episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It originally aired on August 20, 1997.

In this episode, Dexter gets one of his boots damaged and, with Dee Dee's suggestion, calls upon the Shoe Gnomes to help him repair it. However, the gnomes soon take over the laboratory, forcing Dexter and Dee Dee to get rid of them.

Dexter damages his boot and must get it fixed. Dee Dee suggests that he summons the Shoe Gnomes. Dexter agrees to the idea, but it soon becomes a feeding frenzy when a swarm of gnomes enter Dexter's laboratory.


Dexter is in his lab running a test on his anti-matter ray. To calculate the final results, he fires a beam that bounces off the walls. The beam hits Dexter, and he looks at his damaged shoes. Dee Dee appears in Dexter's lab, and he explains his plight to her. Dee Dee shows Dexter a book about gnomes, and describes the shoe gnomes. Dexter is unsure about the idea, but he begs Dee Dee to call them.

Dee Dee sets out candles and cookies to attract the shoe gnomes. In the morning, Dexter wakes up to his fixed boots. Dexter then skates around his lab and gets interrupted by a shoe gnome. Dexter then heads further into his lab to see that several gnomes have turned it into a shoemaking factory. He then orders the gnomes to leave, and the head gnome explains his story to him. Dexter changes his mind and reluctantly works on his inventions. Later, the gnome problem gets out of control, and Dexter goes to ask Dee Dee for help.

Back at the lab, Dee Dee sees a pile of shoes and runs toward them. She takes her ballet shoe off and her foot's pink odor attracts all of the gnomes. They then start getting comfortable on Dee Dee's feet such as eating food on them, sleeping on them or building a statue on its honor. Which makes the towering Dee Dee creeped out at the fascination of the gnomes towards her feet and she easily kicks them away. The head gnome tells Dexter they need Dee Dee's feet. In exchange, Dexter orders the gnomes to leave the lab for good, but the offer declines. Steamed, Dexter stomps out of his lab and meets Dee Dee outside. She tells him that in order to get rid of the gnomes, they have to kick them in the rear to make them disappear

Back in the lab, the gnomes watch as a stage curtain shows and hides Dee Dee's bare feet. Dexter sneaks behind the gnomes and goes to build a set of boots, which he and Dee Dee both ride. The gnomes spread out and Dexter and Dee Dee both get them with the shoemaking beam. With one gnome remaining, Dexter uses his boot to attack him. Dee Dee praises Dexter for his actions, and Dexter sees his boot is damaged once again. Dexter then cries to his damaged shoe.



  • Dee Dee is shown to have three toes on each of her feet in this episode, but in "Sassy Come Home", she has four toes and a toenail on each of her big toes.
  • As soon as Dexter gets his boot repaired, he damages it again at the end of the episode.

Episode connections[]

  • None known.

Cultural references[]

  • When the last of the Shoe Gnomes is defeated, he yells "What a world!", a line that's derived from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz'.

Production notes[]