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Shoe Gnomes

Shoe Gnomes are magical shoe making creatures that appeared in the episode "Shoo, Shoe Gnomes" as the main antagonists. They annoy Dexter by getting in his way after helping repair his boots. Dexter had taken pity on them and let them live in his lab when they told him no one else would let them stay.

When the lab gets overrun by the gnomes, it becomes obvious to Dexter that they are just a bunch of freeloaders. He tries to remove them, but fails. Eventually, he turns to Dee Dee, who helped summon them, for assistance. At first Dee Dee finds all the shoes they created to be incredible, but soon after exposing her feet to try them on, the Gnomes smell her feet and fall in love with them. Upon leaving the lab to calm down, Dee Dee finds a way to get the pests home,

"To make a Gnome go back home, A kick in the rear will make them Disappear"

Dexter and Dee Dee hatch a plan to gather the gnomes for a fake presentation of Dee Dee's feet; once they are distracted, they both take down the gnomes with a pair of gigantic robot cowboy boots, kicking their butts back home.

The gnomes were voiced by Tom Kenny, Rob Paulsen, and Jeff Bennett.


"Hmm, something's still wrong, but what?!"

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