Dexter's Laboratory Wiki

This is a song preformed by Dexter.


How can this be?
Is there no place for me?
Will I ever be free?
These were my last four walls
And yet, she made them fall,
Must I work at the mall?
Will my science be done
And do I say farewell, so long?
This place is new!
This place is huge!
And so secret from the world!
I know now what I must do!
And no one will ever know!
I'll build a place where I can be…
For math and science!
Forever free!
Connect and attract these pieces,
I have no time for snacks and cheeses,
I'll master mysteries that no one else can solve!
Did we all appear here or did we all evolve?!
I'll communicate with animals and travel back in time!
I doubt there will be others, I'll be the one that shines!
I'm almost done,
I feel the power deep inside this lab!
Just one more small connection
…and hello to Dexter's Lab! (Laughs evilly)



This has a music video but not a single.