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Save Dexter's Brain

Our Boy Genius needs your help!

Save Dexter's Brain is a contest and campaign that was hosted by Cartoon Network India in 2002. Dexter has lost his brain, and Sam Spade needed you to help find it for him. His intention was to get kids to find 3 clues on Dexter's life, and he'll find the guy who stole his brain. 5 winners will have a science lab for their school, and 200 other winners will get Dexter digital wrist watches. All you needed to do was send your clues to your nearest McDonald's, write Cartoon Network in New Delhi, or enter online at

Transcript for the commercial[]

Sam Spade: Business was so good, I was unwinding with a game of Tiddly Winks, when this fella burst into my office.

Dexter: My name is Dexter, boy genius. I know science loves me, but someone has stolen my precious memories. (pulls out a photo of his mother)

Sam Spade: Who's she?

Dexter: She claims she's my mom.

Sam Spade: And the girl?

Dexter: (pulls out a photo of Dee Dee) Some femme fatale.

Sam Spade: And the wise guy?

Dexter: (pulls out a photo of Mandark) He says he is a friend. But I cannot be sure.

(Mandark laughs)

Sam Spade: I somehow felt sorry for the little guy. So, I took the case. I mean, what if you lost your brain?? What if I lost mine?? For the love of science, would anyone care??!!

You can help Save Dexter's Brain by sending me 3 clues about Dexter's life, then I'll find the guy who did this to him. There's a big reward too.

5 grand prize winners will win a science lab for their school. 200 other winners will win Dexter digital wrist watches.

(Name; Address; Telephone No.; Date of Birth; M/F; Cable Operator)

So, help Save Dexter's Brain. Rush with your clues to your nearest McDonald's, or better, write Cartoon Network at this address.

(Cartoon Network, PO Box 4903, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, 110029; Closing Date for Entries is April 26, 2002)

You can also enter online at our website. (

But for the love of Dexter, do it today! Of course, a brain, is a terrible thing to lose.


  • Sam Spade, in this commercial, is actually Sam Spade from the Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries episode "The Maltese Canary", a parody of "the Maltese Falcon".