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Santa Claus
Santa Claus DL
Aliases Santa, St. Nick
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Mrs. Claus (wife)
Occupation Toy maker, Gift giver
Interests Making children happy
First Appearance Dexter vs Santa Claus
Voiced By Jeff Bennett

Santa Claus is a jolly old man who lives in The North Pole and delievers presents to all the good boys and girls every Christmas Eve. He serves as a character in the Dexter's Laboratory universe and appeared in the episode "Dexter vs. Santa's Claws." This version of Santa Claus apparently can only say "Ho Ho Ho." However at the end of the episode, Santa said "The Presents”. He was voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Santa is a big guy with a red jacket and a red Santa hat. He has a white beard and a black belt.


  • In the episode The Beard to be Feared, Dexter's artificial beard became white after falling in some flour, resulting in Santa's elves confusing him for Santa and said that Mrs. Claus was looking all over for him.